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New from Magnetic Press, THE FIFTH ELEMENT meets BLADE RUNNER, BRAZIL, and IDIOCRACY in this deluxe satirical cyberpunk graphic novel

JAN. 16, 2024, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Magnetic Press, the leading graphic novel publisher, is excited to announce the high-speed cyberpunk tale, NO FUTURE, now live on Kickstarter!

Written by prolific Jacques Lob prize-winning screenwriter, Corbeyran with vivid and nostalgic brushstrokes by fan-favorite illustrator Jef, this creative team behind A Bullet in the Head syncs up again for a neo-noir graphic novel that recaptures the energy and aesthetic of classic sci-fi masters with a modern flair.

Flying cars, robot butlers, and universal freedom for everyone to do as they please. A dream of the future, right? Not this future. The tipping point between Utopia and Dystopia is subjective and invisible, and civilization can’t help but blindly trample that line underfoot on a regular basis.  Far-left and far-right-leaning politics wrap completely around to the opposite ends of the spectrum, and the cycle of ideological struggle continues in a funhouse mirror reflection of itself.

Interstellar mega-corporations set the law through market manipulation and political influence, and the population is kept sedated through consumer comforts. But pockets of idealism still exist, buried in the shadows and filth of the lower streets, and all it takes is a spark to light a fire…


“The last few years have felt like sci-fi come to life, and as challenging as it can be to navigate those turbulent streams, what better way to face it than action-satire,” said Magnetic Press Publisher, Mike Kennedy. “No Future takes its cue from the best ’70s euro-sci-fi, with open nods to Bilal and Jodorowsky, and mixes it with the magic of 80s retro-sci-fi blockbusters like Blade Runner, Max Headroom, and every buddy cop film you can remember. The result is a mind-blowing thrill ride that we at Magnetic are proud to bring to America. The future Corbeyran and Jef present may seem distant, but you can certainly see it from here…”

Kickstart NO FUTURE

This touted “Project We Love” hardcover graphic novel is available in two formats including a premium hardcover and limited edition die-cut cover, in addition to several campaign-exclusive “Hackrunner” bundles, which include Jef’s previous works including Mezcal and Convoy!

No Future runs for 30 days, so don’t wait to get your hands on this coveted OGN that flows like a modern spin on Moebius. 

Check out for all the details and more great titles!

MAGNETIC PRESS is a subsidiary of Polarity that publishes graphic novels, art books, and tabletop games curated with a focus on internationally recognized content and talent presented with premium production value. The Magnetic brand was founded by writer and video game producer Mike Kennedy in 2013 featuring creators both new and established from around the world, sharing their stories with an English-language audience often for the first time. Their award-winning library includes numerous celebrated titles such as the Love series of wordless wildlife graphic novels, The Collected Toppi artbook series, and several titles by multiple-Eisner Award nominee Tony Sandoval. Magnetic has earned a total of 27 Eisner Award nominations in each of their first seven years of eligibility since their debut. Magnetic also won the Gold Medal of Excellence in the graphic novel category of the 2015 Independent Publisher Awards for Love: The Fox. In 2021, Magnetic launched Magnetic Press Play, an imprint dedicated to gaming and new media endeavors, with their first release of Carbon Grey The RPG, based on the Image Comics series by Hoang Nguyen, using their proprietary D6MV variant of the classic D6 Roleplaying Rules created by West End Games. Additional tabletop games are in development based on other popular licensed properties.

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