Night School Review

Starring: Kevin Hart, Rob Riggle, Tiffany Haddish, Brooke Butler, Taran Killam, Keith David, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Ben Schwartz, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Jacob Batalon

Director: Malcolm D. Lee

Release date: 28th September 2018


The year is 2001 and Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) is in high school in Atlanta, getting ready to take his final exams. The pressure gets too much for him though and he ends up walking out, abandoning the test. Flash forward 17 years to present day and Teddy is a successful salesman for a huge BBQ shop. His boss looks upon him as a son and everything in his life is perfect; great girlfriend, fast sports car and a nice apartment. Unfortunately an accident at work turns his world upside down and he finds that he needs his to get his GED (General Education Development), which is the exam he failed to take in school. On returning to his old school, Piedmont High, he has a lot of obstacles to overcome and old foes to face. Can Teddy face his fears and pass the exam?


The latest comedy from US comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, the movie is majorly about a small group of misfits that come together in the Piedmont High School night class, including a disgruntled waiter, a prisoner in jail who skypes to the class, and a downtrodden mother of three. Each of them has their own little quirks and hurdles to get over but as with most stories, they all group together to make one slightly dysfunctional class of students.

I wouldn’t have said that I’m a huge fan of Kevin Hart’s stand-up comedy but I’ve definitely warmed to him a lot over the last few years as an actor. He’s not afraid to take the mickey out of himself or for others to do it; his height in particular is something he gets teased about a lot in the movie. He’s a good comedic actor and keeps you laughing for pretty much the whole film.


The film keeps you fully entertained from the get go and there are definitely a lot of laughs to be had. Taran Killam, who you might know from his stint in Saturday Night Live, is very funny as the High School principal and the rest of the cast as a whole are really great. There’s also the obligatory prom night dance off towards the end that will have you in stitches.

Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect for this one but was definitely pleasantly surprised by how much I laughed throughout the movie. I think that teenagers will love this plus it’s a great one to go to with a gang of your mates. Go see it!

Overall: 8.5/10


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