Nevermind The BuzzCast V.2 Episode 19

In conjunction with Comicbuzz, Stephen Fagan, James Mason and Evan O’Grady discuss, muse, rant and bant about:

Death of the Zombie King. RIP George A. Romero.
Pull the Strings!! RIP Martin Landau.
Goodbye, Mother of Marvels. RIP Joan Lee.

Captains Furious.
Behind the Sith.
Oprah is level 9000 in A Wrinkle in Time.
You Can’t Outrun The Truth.
Tower of TV.

Shady family relations on Netflix.
The Warriors come out and play.
Amell confirms ‘stroke.
More Super Casting.
1984 gets Stranger still.
Evil, Fear His Might!

Plus Discussion, chat and opinions with spoilers on the 13th Doctor, Netflix Castlevania and No Emmy Love for Legion.


(Recorded via Skype 20/07/2017)
Edited by Stephen Fagan.

Theme Music by Kevin McLeod at

Welcome to the Show Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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