Nekki partners with Story Kitchen for Spine Feature Film

Nekki partners with Story Kitchen (Sonic the Hedgehog, Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft and upcoming Sifu adaptation) to adapt gun fu action videogame, SPINE, into a live-action feature film

Limassol, Cyprus – 16 April, 2024 – Videogame developer Nekki and franchise-building media company Story Kitchen today announced a partnership to adapt upcoming gun fu action videogame SPINE into a live-action film. 

SPINE follows the story of adventurous street artist, Redline, who is accompanied by her sentient combat implant, SPINE. Players and film audiences will join them as they challenge an autocratic AI regime and its goons at the Tensor Corporation to rescue her brother while learning to trust each other. SPINE is a cinematic story of rebellion, survival and gun fu action which explores the risks and benefits of AI in an immersive cyberpunk world.

Nekki is a leading developer and publisher in the gaming industry, known for creating Shadow Fight series and the proprietary animation software Cascadeur, which powers the cinematic action of SPINE. 


Story Kitchen is a dynamic media company passionate about universe building and franchise architecture, specializing in the adaptation of videogames and other ‘non-traditional’ IP into film and television, founded by Sonic the Hedgehog Producer and dj2 Entertainment Founder, Dmitri M. Johnson, and former APA Agent/Partner, Mike Goldberg, with veteran Production and Development Executives, Timothy I. Stevenson and Dan Jevon.

“We’re so pleased to bring SPINE to Story Kitchen” said Dmitry Terekhin, Founder/CEO of Nekki. “We believe that truly great stories always stand out, and the SPINE universe will captivate audiences across any media.”

“When we first learned of the upcoming game from Nekki, we lost our collective minds and had to find a way to partner,” said the team at Story Kitchen. “SPINE, with its main character ‘Redline’, could not be more badass!”

SPINE will launch for PC and consoles in the future. Nekki plans to develop SPINE as a cross-media franchise, including downloadable content after release, comic books, a board game, and merchandise. Players can wishlist SPINE on Steam and keep to date with SPINE on the official website, Discord, Twitter/X, Facebook, and Reddit. For those interested in the game’s universe, Nekki publishes a webtoon comic “SPINE: Bullet Dancers” that lets fans dive into the world of SPINE before the game is released.

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