My Little Pony: Spirit of the Forest #1 – 3 Review

Written By: Ted Anderson

Artist: Brenda Hickey

Colorist: Heather Breckel

Lettering by: Neil Uyetake, Christa Miesner

Cover Artist: Brenda Hickey

Published By: IDW Publishing


The Cutie Mark Crusaders are heading out for a weekend camping trip to nearby White Tail Woods. They soon discover that the trails are destroyed with litter, with the help of their friends they soon have the trash cleared up. However their efforts are soon dashed away when they discover just a week later what Filthy Rich’s Lumber Mill is doing to their beloved woods. Can the girls change his mind and help him see the error of his ways? Or is this goodbye to White Tail Woods forever?!

Now I know I covered the first issue of this story several moons ago, but decided to revisit it again and review the entire saga. This one is all about environmental conservation and the knock on effect the closer of a simple Lumber Mill would have on many other businesses. To start off the Cutie Mark Crusader fillies trot off to the woods to spend the weekend camping, after some time they eventually discover the Lumber Mill & its employees have been polluting the surrounding environment. The girl’s voice their concerns with the owner Filthy Rich, who does address the staff and simply puts out some extra bins for staff use. He still avoids the main issue, but alas that is mostly what happens when you interact with big companies when ultimately if they change anything – it will end up affecting their profit margin. This is actually a really good issue for kids to read, and one adults’ will more than likely be able to relate to. It teaches the younger generation, even if you wholeheartedly believe that something is wrong or could be improved. Yes you can voice your opinion, but don’t expect the receiving person or company to change their ways to suit your idea. It’s a valuable lesson to learn, ultimately it is the voices of those closest to them that will have a better chance of reaching through to them.


For the author, it was certainly a good idea using the younger characters of the Cutie Mark Crusaders to share this lesson. It may reach perhaps a younger audience than what we would have seen with the Mane Six. The lesson still remains the same, and the fact that the Crusaders also went for advice from both their older sisters & the Towns’ Mayor adds more emphasis on how it is always a good idea to talk things out and seek advice from an adult you trust. These comics, although very enjoyable, can easily be used as a learning tool for kids. To not only learn about friendship, but how to approach problems, who to ask for help, how society works and the negative effects of one business can have on many others in a small town, like a ripple effect. Readers can see this first hand in the issues, as the Lumber Mill announces their closure. So yes, these comics are beneficial for kids. Well this three issue story was at least.

These issues have been out since last year, so it may become difficult to find them in your local comic book shop. You can also try getting them direct from IDW Publishing, who have it available in both print and digital.

Overall this was an enjoyable saga from the Cutie Mark Crusaders. With stunning artwork as usual, it was the story that really made this memorable. Worth checking out, a good read for older audiences but is definitely more beneficial for the younger generation of My Little Pony fans.

Overall: 8/10


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