My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #4 Review

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #4 Review

Written by: Jeremy Whitley

Artist: Brenda Hickey

Colorist: Heather Breckel

Lettering by: Neil Uyetake

Published by: IDW Publishing


With so many untold stories at his hooves, Sunburst stays secluded in his tower. He is interrupted by an angered Starlight Glimmer, who is upset by the lack of communication from her childhood friend. Luckily for her, she persuades Sunburst into reading her the lost tale of Flash Magnus, the Pegasus hero. This is a story untold in Pony folklore, but one known by all Griffons.

As we begin this story, Sunburst is still going through the many books left behind in Starswirl The Bearded’s study, including many untold tales of already legendary ponies, unicorns and pegasi. Starlight Glimmer returns again, taking the opportunity to catch up with Sunburst as she visits Canterlot with Princess Twilight. Having sent word that she would be in town and would like to catch lunch together, he ultimately did not respond simply because he was so engrossed in the Legends of Magic transcripts. Having learnt from her past mistakes on friendship and the mistreatment of others, she is hurt by Sunbursts actions.

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #4 2

Starlight Glimmer arrives at his door in anger due to his failings in replying to her message. Luckily for him, her anger begins to subside when she convinces him into telling her the tale of Flash Magnus. This story takes place in Cloudsdale, and concerns a brave pegasus who becomes a hero to the Griffons, something that is almost impossible to do. This is definitely an interesting story and one worth picking up this issue for.

Flash Magnus is a pegasus that is high up in the rankings of the Royal Legion, the military defense force of Equestria that takes care of weather disasters and dragons. Flash is also regarded as one of the strongest flyers in the skies. He is called upon by his Captain to assist in an emergency; a megastorm is approaching fast. Alongside Flash, there are a few other top pegasus flyers in the tale, including one called Nimbus Dash, who could very well be a distant relation to Rainbow Dash. We also have members of the Royal Griffon Defence Force, including some civilian Griffons who are in danger from the approaching megastorm. Their character designs range from cute to terrifying, but they do show their respect to those that help them out, no matter what species they are.

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #4 b

The storm itself, having formed during an accident at the weather factory, has accumulated some extremely dangerous clouds, making it a very unpredictable and one that will be difficult to break up. The five top flyers in the Royal Legion race on ahead to the border between Equestria and Griffonstone, where a stand off begins between the two legions. Once again, this is an action-packed issue, showing just why Flash is a legendary hero across the lands.

This Legends of Magic issue can be bought with three variant covers. The regular cover pictured at the top of this review, is by Brenda Hickey, who is also the artist on this side series. The image pictures Flash Magnus, the legendary pegasus, as he readies himself for battle. He certainly gives a strong impression of a dependable stallion. The subscription cover just above is by Zachery Sterling, a more colorful and bright image, that depicts Flash in the midst of the storm; definitely a more action packed cover! Finally we have the cover RI by Trish Forstner, unrelated to the story, but containing a charming moment between the Mane Six. The issue itself is drawn by Brenda Hickey, which appears more akin to the style used in the show. She has succeeded in bringing the characters to life, especially their various moods and expressions. Going back in time, we can see some familiar character traits in one of the Royal Guards. A pegasus known as Nimbus Dash, in her stance and personality, has a clear connection to our own Rainbow. Hopefully this family tree will be revealed somewhere down the line.

This is another Legends of Magic issue that fails to disappoint the fans. With only two more left in this short mini-series, I highly anticipate the next installment. Full of action yet again, I do wholeheartedly enjoy this next generation of the My Little Pony franchise. Legends of Magic #4 is available to buy now in all good comic stores, from IDW Publishing.


Overall: 9/10




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