My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #72 Review

Written By: Thom Zahler

Artist: Agnes Garbowska

Colors By: Heather Breckel

Lettering By: Neil Uyetake

Cover By: Agnes Garbowska

Published By: IDW Publishing

Whilst spring cleaning the Apple Family attic, AppleJack uncovered some of her mother’s’ recipes. Amongst them was her mother’s famous Apple Pie Recipe. With Granny Smith longing to taste those delicious pies again, AppleJack and her siblings set out to uncover their mothers’ special ingredient to the family recipe.

Well this was a sweet story, not much is known about what happened to AppleJack’s parents but we do get to see some moments of when they were dating. This is certainly a very touching issue for the Apple family, as they learn of stories they never heard before about their parents, memories shared by some ponies in the community. Not only are they setting out to surprise their Granny with a long forgotten apple pie, but also to learn more about their mom and pop.


I really do love the Apple Family dynamic, Granny Smith is a great role model for the youngsters and have not only thought them how to run the family apple farm but also to take pride in their family history. So for them to be able to do something like this for their aging Granny is pretty thoughtful of them. Now who better to help them with baking the best pie in the World, but Pinkie Pie! This hyperactive bowl of frosting is up for any challenge that involves her friends and food.

Although at times things may not all go their way, they persist and keep on trying by getting up and dusting themselves off. Another powerful message from these fillies and the writers, as well as showing how important family is and to not take them for granted.


This issue was written by Thom Zahler, who brought us a beautiful and touching story that definitely pulls on the old heart strings. This Issue and Cover A were illustrated by Agnes Garbowska. The Cover A showcases AppleJack presenting her freshly baked Apple Pie. A very cute image and art style that carries on throughout the issue. Cover B is by Sara Richard, who returns once again with her iconic pastel coloring pencil art style. Her cover shows a tearful AppleJack as she looks upon a fresh apple pie just cooling down. Lastly we have Cover RI by Sweeny Boo, showing us a very messy kitchen scene as it looks like Pinkie Pie is watching Rainbow Dash make a lemon cake. With plenty of dirty pots and pans in the background, the end result looks absolutely delicious!

This was such a worthwhile read, from start to finish. I would love to learn more about the families of the Mane Six, especially what happened to AppleJack’s parents in a future issue perhaps. You can purchase this issue digitally online over on the IDW Publishing website, or you could possibly find this backdated issue in your local comic book shop.

Overall: 8/10


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