My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #71 Review

Written By: Ted Anderson

Artist: Andy Price

Colorist: Heather Breckel

Lettering By: Neil Uyetake

Publisher: IDW Publishing


It’s that spooky time of year again, as the students of Twilights’ School Of Friendship begin to experience their first Nightmare Night in Ponyville. Challenged by a hooded figure to visit the Haunted Castle of the Two Sisters, Yona and her school friends are put in great danger as they come across more tricks than treats on this fun filled night.

With some incredibly bad planning amongst the school faculty, what was to be a harmless haunted house became an instant death trap. With tricks, traps, candles, drapes and animals crammed within these stone walls, the unbeknownst students become confused as to what kind of haunted house this could be. With this Nightmare Night being the first ever that some of the students have experienced. A very entertaining story in all, as the young students all bond together in crisis under the wise words of Yona the Yak, as she explains that fear is not the enemy. I have yet to catch up with the show, so I don’t really know all that much about Twilight’s School Of Friendship and its’ students. However I do recognise the tribes that each of the new ‘Young Six’ come from. As they each act as representatives of their people whilst attending the school.


This was certainly a great read, from start to finish. Not only did it introduce some new characters to me but was also filled with some chaotic fun. We have just gotten a quick glimpse into each of the new characters personalities, as we see just how they each react under fear and pressure. It will be interesting to see just how the franchise will continue with these new characters being introduced.

This issue has been illustrated by Andy Price, as well as the inside pages he also designed Cover A. The first image above shows three of the Alicorn Princesses – Luna, Celestia and Cadance. Standing together around a bubbling cauldron, they appear as three seductive and confident witches. The artstyle is captivating. The same art style is used throughout the issue, with numerous references to iconic film, TV and Book characters, as well as music artists. You can even spot costumes of characters from DC, Marvel, The Three Stooges, Transformers, Nightmare Before Christmas and more. Leave a comment below if you have spotted more.


Cover B is by Sara Richard, showcasing Princess Luna in a Mexican Day Of The Dead art style, with some stunning intricate pastel work. Cover RI is jointly created by Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges. With the Mane Six relaxing together on the grass, in the same character style used in the Movie.

Well worth picking up this issue if you can find it in physical print, otherwise you can buy it digitally online from the IDW Publishing website.

Overall: 9/10

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