My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #70 Review

Written By: Jeremy Whitley

Artist: Toni Kuusisto

Colorist: Heather Breckel

Lettering By: Neil Uetake

Published By: IDW Publishing


Rainbow Dash gets a special invitation from the ‘Golden Horseshoe Gals’, to join them for their annual Games Day. Hosted by the ever cautious AppleJack, Rainbow Dash is soon to voice her own opinion when she calls out how boring Bingo is. Wanting to put some excitement back into the lives of the senior members of the Apple family, Dash flies around Ponyville setting up her own Extreme Bingo Game! However Dash goes to great heights that are just too dangerous for these old gals.

Certainly a great story, which gives a great reminder not to judge people based on their age. AppleJack prefers to keep the Games Day for her Granny and her friends super safe, by just playing Bingo all day long, year after year. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Granny Smith and her friends purposely invite Rainbow Dash along, knowing full well that she would liven up the show. Mix in a little bit of a family feud and trouble between friends, the Golden Gals set off to find help of their own in ponyville, in order to win this Bingo match.


Each of the Golden Gals has their own unique personality, Granny Smith is a bit stubborn, which her grand-daughter certainly inherited from her. Apple Rose is a chatterbox, who loves to tell stories to anyone who listens. Goldie Delicious is much like our kind hearted Fluttershy, and is known for hoarder heirlooms. Auntie Applesauce is a very confident pony, who can sweet talk anyone into helping her. All of these ladies are reluctant to give into old age, with Granny Smith at the forefront of this. These four are determined to each win this game of extreme bingo no matter what. With Granny Smith going a step too far and getting into some serious danger just to prove a point. Rainbow Dash and AppleJack certainly learn their lesson after this adventure. Never judge an individual by their age and allow for that person to learn their own limitations, don’t push them upon them.


Issue #70 of this My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series can be found in three variant art covers. Cover A is by Toni Kuusisto, this issues artist. Which shows us the Golden Gals and Rainbow Dash, with a lovely backdrop of Ponyville behind them. A background that has a few interesting features, as there is a classic windmill, the iconic thatched Ponyville houses and a spooky looking castle on a cliff. Cover B is from Sara Richard, returning once again with her iconic coloring pencil inspired artstyle. With Rainbow Dash packing some serious rage, a B-70 in one hoof and a flaming Bingo sheet in the other. Lastly we have Cover RI from Magdalene Calbraith, who has her own unique artstyle. With the Apple Family and Rainbow Dash pictured together, the Golden Gals look up at Dash carrying away the Bingo balls as she starts preparing for her own game, AppleJack however looks up in disapproval, not likely the direction this game is going. Quite surprised this issue, as we actually got three covers that all have to do with this issue’s story.


Once again, a really enjoyable issue from start to finish. Certainly worth buying online or if you can find it in stores now. I’ll give it a well deserved 10 out of 10.

And that’s it for another week folks. Take care and I share have another review ready for you soon. Bye now.

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