My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #66 Review

Written By: Ted Anderson

Artist: Tony Fleecs

Colorist: Heather Breckel

Lettering By: Neil Uyetake

Cover By: Tony Fleecs

Published By: IDW Publishing


The Friendship Diary is about to be made into a blockbuster movie! As the Mane Six, excluding Twilight, roll up as guests on set of this big film, their stay is greatly extended when the director steps down and hands them the reigns. Can all the girls agree on one direction for this film? Of course not! So, what happens when five separate films are made?

As the girls descend upon Applewood, Rarity is back in her element amongst the rich and famous. Ponies start clashing when filming starts, as each girl remembers events slightly differently to one another. Each pony has their own style of filming, and you can see this as they premiere their work at the end of the comic. Surprisingly, Applejacks was a different theme than what her friends had predicted. Although this was not an epic adventure, more of a one shot, it did show how much popularity Princess Twilight and her friends have across Equestria, insomuch that their adventures are now being made into a film. To have seen the director just hand the whole project over to the girls, was a decision made solely out of respect to the project – even if in the end it seems he would have done a far better job.


You can see in each of the pony’s films that their personalities and interests shine through. Interesting though that both Rarity and Applejack’s projects were rather different that what I would have imagined. You’ll have to read the issue though to find out exactly what I mean. There was a large amount of detail and thought put into the comic, as you can actually see from the background characters in the film studio how tired the crew were and how professional the actors appeared. Quite realistic from what I imagine movie making in the real world is like!

Cover A is from this issue’s artist Tony Fleecs, with the front cover artwork pictured at the top of this review. In it we have the Mane Six, although Rarity has been cut off from the picture except for her tail. They are just leaving the cinema after watching a film based on them, ‘The Applewood Follies’. The art style used in this resembles that used in the film. Cover B artwork is from Sara Richard, with a ‘silent film’ theme. Drawn in black and white shaded tones, the characters use signs to get their words across – literally. Moving on to the final cover, cover RI from Pedro Delgado, we have the Mane Six and Spike, in a completely different style to what I have seen before. I can not actually think of anything to compare it to, as it is so unique. Definitely an art style I would like to see in a graphic novel! Just check it out here.


In the end this issue could have done with a few cameos or some more action, but ultimately it is a good comic in the end. I did not find it as entertaining as I thought I would, and I can’t help but feel it would have been better if Princess Twilight had featured in this story.

Overall: 6/10


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