My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #55 Review

Written By: Christina Rice

Artist: Agnes Garbowska

Cover Art: Agnes Garbowska, Sara Richard, Billy Martin

Colorist: Heather Breckel

Lettering: Neil Uyetake

Published By: IDW Publishing


The Wonderbolts are performing their very first flying demonstration in Yakyakistan. With both Rainbow Dash’s parents and Pinkie Pie in attendance, the excitement continues once the Air Show is over. As an unprecedented event takes place in the skies above, will the presence of Princess Twilight save the Yak’s home from destruction?

Pinkie and Rainbow are on a diplomatic mission to Yakyakistan. With Rainbow now a part of the Wonderbolts, she puts on a dazzling display of aerial acrobatics. Although their moves are breathtaking, it’s the flames falling from the sky that get the most reaction out of the Yaks, even if it is a negative one. Rainbow steps forward and takes control of her fellow Pegasus, taking the firm stand that they need to help out the Yaks. However, who has begun this attack on the Yaks, why now, and for what reason? Will Twilight and her friends be able to get to the bottom of this situation before the village is burned to ash?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #55_1

The Yaks have a very reserved nature, and they seem to fail at physically expressing any form of strong emotion. Despite the Wonderbolts having performed to an entire audience of Yaks, there might as well not have been anyone present if it wasn’t for the joyous screams coming from Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash’s parents. There is also a clash between Rainbow and Spitfire over leadership in the face of danger. There is sure to be another clash like this one happening soon, as another leader amongst their people shows their face at the end of this issue.

Once fireballs begin to rain down around them, there is a short disagreement amongst the leading flyers in the Wonderbolts. With Rainbow having spent much of her time saving Equestria from certain destruction on numerous occasions, she is quick to jump into action when danger calls. This is far from true for the likes of Spitfire, who believes that the only purpose the Wonderbolts have is just being great flyers. She is quick to dismiss Rainbow’s idea of getting them all involved in fighting the enemy. That is certainly not the last of the action, as there will be more coming next issue.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #55_sub

This issue is available in three variant cover arts, with the first regular cover pictured at the top by this story’s artist Agnes Garbowska (who uses the same art style throughout the comic). This cover art features Pinkie Pie standing between the warring Yak and Dragon tribe leaders. This is a great picture to accompany the beginning of this two-issue tale. The subscription cover is by Sara Richard, returning once more with a dream-like design, showing the Yaks look up at the Wonderbolts and Dragons that soar across the sky above them. This is certainly a very unnerving moment for the Yaks, as it leaves them at a great disadvantage in a fight. Lastly, we have the cover RI artwork from Billy Martin, who has chosen to draw a very caricature-esque version of Rarity.

This is definitely the start of an interesting story arc, as it’s not very often that we see the Dragons getting involved. With all Dragons now under the leadership of their teenage ruler Ember, it will be interesting to see why they are now attacking the Yaks. All is sure to be revealed in the next issue. It is definitely worth picking up this issue, as we see the return an angered Ember by the end of the issue.

Overall: 7/10






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