My Little Blood Cult: Let’s Summon Demons Review

Developer: Dillo Interactive

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), iOS, Android, Mac OSX

Genre: RPG, Adventure

Publisher: Dillo Interactive


My Little Blood Cult: Let’s Summon Demons is a demonic fishing adventure. This game was developed and published by Dillo Interactive. There isn’t any game similar to this, which makes it extremely different from others. This review was done for the PC.

My Little Blood Cult: Let’s Summon Demons is a single-player game where you will be fishing for various monsters to add to your collection. In order to fish, you will need to sacrifice your devoted followers in order to obtain sanguine bait. The main premise of the game is to fish and complete the demon fish collection.


The controls for the game are extremely simple, but you are not entirely told what exactly they are, and you find out about them on your own. As you are being introduced to the grimoire, bait, and rod, you get brought to the first tutorial to fish. The fishing mechanic includes two simple controls; using the mouse is really all that’s needed. A bar is shown with a mini red bar and a tap sign. Using the mouse, you are meant to tap the button over to get it in line with the red bar. A symbol then gets shown up, which needs to be pressed before the bar runs out. The fishing mechanic is fairly simple to get used to, but I wish the tap button was bound to the spacebar key. It would make that much easier rather than spamming the mouse button on the tap button. If instructions about the game were made clear, it would make it easier for the players. There also does seem to be a bit of delay with the tapping.

The art style of My Little Blood Cult: Let’s Summon Demons is dark and surreal, with visuals that contribute to the immersive atmosphere. The art style is simple yet cute, with distinctive gothic and supernatural elements. Some of the elements remind me of visuals taken from the game Sally Face. The use of colour and lighting adds depth to the visuals, creating a moody and evocative experience for players. The art style plays a crucial role in bringing the demons and devotees to life. The soundtrack for this game is a great part of the game’s ambience. It is composed of eerie and mysterious sounds that build up the haunting and accompanies the demonic, horrific visuals of the games. Both the soundtrack and visuals create a simple yet slightly terrifying atmosphere.


The game has some features that it offers. First, there are many different rooms that offer different services. The Bait & Tackle shop is where you are able to purchase equipment, while the library is for displaying the various catches you’ve made. You are able to sell anything that you have caught to gain gold coins. Gold coins are used as the economy in this game, allowing the players to buy more grimoires, rod upgrades, etc. There is an important mechanic to the game where if you fail to catch a demon, you have to suffer, or you can try again using an essence. When you suffer, there is an in-game cooldown period, which is similar to when sacrificing devotees for blood. When starting off the game, you are supplied with 50,000 gold coins, which gives plenty for the player to test various upgrades and buys. Personally, that much gold at the beginning defeats the player from building up their build, as they can pretty much buy most upgrades from the get-go.


This game was good, but I believe it could offer more than that; again, it is a fishing game. I would say it’s more of a game that you pick up once a day for 30 minutes to an hour rather than playing continuously for a period of time, as it can get a bit boring. I do like that it offers daily and weekly challenges, which would entice players to play it on a regular basis, but it does get a bit tedious. At first, catching demons can also be slow as they do not attach the rod as quickly, which can stall on time. Plus, the game does feature various timers, which would not always be idle for some players’ patience. I believe if the game had faster fishing and fewer timers, it would make the game a bit less frustrating to play. The game is still in early access and is relatively cheap, so in that case, the game could be better for the price and with future updates.


My Little Blood Cult: Let’s Summon Demons is a demonic fishing game where players can buy upgrades and better grimoires to complete their monstrosity collection. If you’re looking for a game that has a slow gameplay style, which you can visit for a while every day, then this game is for you. It has simple yet worthwhile visuals and an eerie soundtrack to build the atmosphere of the cult you reside in. Be sure to check out My Little Blood Cult: Let’s Summon Demons if it is your cup of tea!

Overall: 5/10

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