Moving Out Review

Developer: SMG Studio, Devm Games

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One (Reviewed),

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation

Publisher: Team17 Digital


Moving Out is a cooperative moving simulation game developed by the Swedish studio DevM Games and Australian developer SMG Studio. The game was published by Team17 who have also published the well-known game Overcooked. Moving Out has similar characteristics to Overcooked but with a different concept.

Moving Out can be played both in single-player and multiplayer. You can have up to four players on the screen. The game does not support online multiplayer but the game is much more fun while playing local couch co-op. There are several characters that you can pick from as your mover. As you progress through the game you tend to unlock more. You also have an option to customize your character with different accessories, making the character selection more fun and “creative”.


The concept of the game is very straightforward. You are playing as movers that try to move objects into a truck while trying to work alongside very messed up physics. It doesn’t matter if things break, or if you have to slap several things out of your way, as long as they get into the truck one way or another then you are very much successful. When playing a level there is a time limit in which you have to try and get the objects in the van. The more time you take the lower the rank you get. The game has up to 30 levels which vary in design, items, and other things. The game reveals secret objectives for each level after you finish playing that level. You can go back to the secret objectives by playing the level again. By completing the secret objectives you can unlock mini-games.

The controls of the game are straightforward. When starting the game you start off in a tutorial which explains the controls. The buttons include grab, emote, jump, throw/slap, hints and moving around. The hint button is very useful as it shows which items require one person or two people to carry them. When in-game the controls can be frustrating especially when playing with another player. This is evident when two players are carrying an item through a tight area or enclosed space, for instance, a doorway or narrow hall. Players with diverging movement leave both players annoyed. The throwing control is also a bit finicky as the aim can sometimes make it seem like the item won’t make it even though it does. Nonetheless, all the controls are easy to work with.


Something interesting found in the game is the option of Assist Mode. As you progress through the game it gets more difficult and at times you very much would like to give up because it can get irritating. With Assist mode, players are able to adjust the different mechanics and the game difficulty. They can change options like having objects disappear on delivery which saves up time by trying to get things to fit in the truck. Also, options like; having longer time limits, skipping a certain level if you have failed, and having the two-player items become much lighter so it’s easier for one player to carry. Assist mode makes it easier for players to help themselves if they’re stuck on a level to blow off some steam.

The art style of Moving Out is very cartoonish but amusing to look at. Each level/house has its own layout which is very well detailed from houses in space, to a normal one-person house. The map is very well designed making it easy for you to drive the truck around to the different houses on the map. The movers are also nice looking. In all, the game has this cartoonish look to it, (similar to Overcooked) but it gives a realistic feel to it too. They have simple details like yanking wires when moving the fridge and breaking the screen of the TV when you drag it across the floor. These tiny details make the game very interesting.


The soundtrack of the game goes well with the feel of the levels. The normal house levels have amped up music playing in the background which goes well with the level. When playing a themed level, like the haunted house one, you have spooky but fun music playing which works very well with the level. I appreciate the different sound effects for each item when interacted with which creates a better atmosphere for the game.

Moving Out, in all honesty, is very fun is a game that everyone can play. Yes, at times it can get frustrating and challenging but being able to play a game with ridiculous physics with your friends or family, creates a very enticing feel. The mini-games and objectives add more to the game which increases the fun as well. If you enjoyed Overcooked then you’ll definitely enjoy Moving Out. It is a fun local co-op game that everyone can enjoy!

Overall: 8/10


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