Moss Review

Developer: Polyarc

Platforms: PC, PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR 2 (Reviewed)

Genre: Adventure, Action

Publisher: Polyarc


In Moss, you play Quill, a young mouse looking for adventure and greatness. You start in the woodland and explore the many locations as your journey begins. The game is a single-player action puzzle game. A voice narrates with the aid of a storybook that helps drive the game’s story. As the pages in the storybook turn, the story moves on.

The VR experience aspect of the game is at the fore, and level design leverages VR. You have the view of a deity looking into this rich woodland world. You can move your head to view the levels and pan around them to see the puzzles and how to navigate them. You control Quill using the analogue controller stick and the buttons. The VR aspect of the controller controls two glowing orbs that move objects or re-energise Quill. Using the controller without gestures to control Quill makes the controls easy to pick up and play. You gesture with the controller to control the two orbs to help Quill. At first, like most VR games, there is a learning curve to using VR features like “reaching” into the world and interacting with or moving your head around to get a better vantage point.


The VR elements enhance the experience and make the world more vibrant and immersive. Combined with superb voice acting, storytelling, soundtrack, and sound effects make for a brilliant introduction to VR. Eye-tracking was solid, and no dizziness or sickness while playing the game.

The gameplay is action and puzzle focused, and you must use your wits and environment to get through the level. The combat and action elements are fun but do get somewhat repetitive. Quill has a sword to swing and slash through enemies and aspects of the world too. The puzzle and action elements provide enough variety to make the game; a joy. The graphics look dated to current titles, but the; the entire experience is excellent.


It’s a comfortable way to ease into the world of VR games. The mix of standard controller mechanics and gestures helps you adjust to this new world of gaming. The puzzle-solving and gameplay are slick, and the addition of a narrated story makes the whole experience. The ability to scan and survey the levels with the headset is brilliant and enjoyable—a solid action puzzle title.

Overall: 8/10



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