Moss: Book II Review

Developer: Polyarc

Platforms: Meta Quest 2, PC,PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR 2 (Reviewed)

Genre: Adventure, Action

Publisher: Polyarc


Moss II is a continuation of Moss after you have saved your Uncle and continue on your journey to rid the world of Arcane. In Moss: Book II, you play Quill, a young but experienced mouse, at the start of the next adventure. If you have played the first game, Moss, this uses the same mechanics and gameplay but is more refined in all aspects, including the graphics. It’s quite a step off from Moss and even more fun.


The game is still very action-puzzle-oriented. The VR controllers, like the first game, control Quill using analogue sticks. The headset tracks the controllers as you manoeuvre the two orbs that provide the VR interactivity of the gameplay. The headset allows you to view around corners, pitch your view and look all around the level before you decide to move. The game is still heavily focused on controlling Quill using the standard controls, and the VR use of the controller comes when you need to move large objects or assist with defeating enemies. 


The comfort of VR, I found the game extraordinarily easygoing and encountered no dizziness or sickness anywhere through the game. I liked the mix of VR and standard controls, and my preference is to use an analogue stick or d-pad to move my character through the VR world instead of gesturing, jogging on the spot etc.

I’d recommend playing through Moss as this is a continuation of that story; that way, you are kept in sync with the story. I also enjoyed seeing this game’s improved visuals and more responsive VR controls compared to Moss. It’s more of the same but improved and more fun. It’s better than the first game, plus more enjoyable. The graphical fidelity, more mechanics and even more puzzles made this game a joy to play.

Overall: 8.5/10


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