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Spend a year away from home taming wild Spirits, brewing potions, making friends and falling in love in this cozy creature-collecting life sim!

STOCKHOLMSept. 20, 2023 – Isn’t it time to get away from it all? Indie developer Studio Supersoft and publisher Raw Fury have released Moonstone Island, the creature-collecting life sim set in a colorful open world full of over 100 islands to explore. Spend a year away from home among the clouds – make friends, brew potions, tame wild Spirits, and test your Spirit-party’s strength in card-based encounters to become a full-fledged alchemist. The game is available now on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam for $19.99, with a 10% launch discount for a limited time to celebrate!

Players can also grab the Collector’s Edition of Moonstone Island for $29.72, bundling the full base game, its official art book and OST, and the “Delightful Little Comforts DLC Pack,” featuring a fancy house exterior plus four craftable decorations for your home: the Yellow Beanbag Chair, Purple Rug, Moon & Stars Wall Decoration, and Moonstone Rising Painting. These items are available to purchase separately on Steam, as well.

It’s tradition in your village for young alchemists to move away from home to a new island in the sky to finish their training. Armed with a team of nature Spirits, potions, and the help of the friends you’ll meet along the way, you’ll explore ancient temples, dangerous dungeons, and diverse biomes to prove yourself as a true alchemist and uncover the secret of Moonstone Island.

Inspired by Studio Ghibli classics like Kiki’s Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky and more, Moonstone Island transports you to a magical world full of delightful creatures, characters, and charms to discover. Along the way, you’ll master new skills, grow your own crops, and make a new home for yourself in the clouds!

Key Features

  • Explore a Wondrous World: Travel by balloon, broom, and glider through unique biomes to reach the farthest edges of the sky.
  • Settle Into Your New Home: Build, decorate and customize a cozy new home of your own on any of the 100 islands in your procedurally generated world.
  • Make New Friends & More: Become a true member of the community – befriend your NPC neighbors, go on dates, and fall in love!
  • Discover Wild Spirit Companions: Tame and befriend wild Spirits to fight alongside you in card-based combat.
  • Go Dungeon Crawling: Explore dungeons to earn upgrades, collect loot and uncover secrets.
  • Become a Full-fledged Alchemist: Optimize your alchemist with unique skills and upgrades, and craft dozens of items and vehicles to prepare for the treacherous wilderness.
  • Build Your Own Farm: Grow crops and flowers to brew potions and tame Spirits!

Moonstone Island players can also befriend and battle alongside their very own Cool Slime Spirit, inspired by Re-Logic’s hit sandbox game Terraria!

More information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Moonstone Island is expected in the near future. Follow the Moonstone Island team on Twitter and Discord for the latest news and updates.

About Studio Supersoft

Sandy Spink founded Studio Supersoft in 2021 with the goal of making nice games for nice people. The studio is based in Toronto, Canada, but the team is distributed across Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, and several other countries. Supersoft is currently working solely on Moonstone Island, an open-world, deckbuilding life sim inspired by Sandy’s seaside upbringing, as well as the ’90s video games and cartoons he was raised on.

About Raw Fury

Raw Fury is a boutique indie (un)publisher founded in 2015 by Jonas Antonsson, Gordon Van Dyke, and David Martinez. We do not care about genres or mechanics. We care about experiences and emotions. We want to help developers make magic.


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