Moondrop Release Date Trailer

A new trailer is fresh off the vine for Moondrop, the nonviolent farming roguelike. This trailer reveals the release date and showcases some of the new Mountain Trails that have been added since Moondrop began Early Access a year ago. Catch falling stars, get lost in a lilypad maze, turn into a sheep, and pet a fox!

Moondrop takes place on a shapeshifting mountain where players can explore hidden pathways, solve procedurally-generated puzzles, and learn the secrets of mountain farming. The game’s roguelike foundations means that every game will provide a new and exciting experience, as the players learn to banish the vanishing mists that plague the mountainside.

Moondrop will be growing out of Early Access on Friday, July 28th.

Steam page:

Moondrop was developed by Moonroof Studios, a jack-of-all-trades indie developer based in Cleveland. For more information, contact

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