Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Review

Developer: Bombservice

Platform: PC

Genre: Action, Adventue, RPG

Publisher: PLAYISM


This is the first Momodora game I have played, so I only have a partial background of the previous games, and I’m new to the series. With that being said, Momodora: Moonlit Farewell is a Metroidvania with some serious pixel art and a great mix of adventure and puzzle solving that is thoroughly enjoyable.


The game has a striking pixel art style that grabs and is reminiscent of many Metroidvania-style games. The game is visually stunning throughout, particularly in the boss fights, where emphasis is placed on the boss’s design and the spectacle of the battle. The NPCs and creatures are also well-designed; there is a diverse range of things to encounter. There is an oddity at the start where you encounter tons of NPC, but they only add a little to your adventure; it does make the world seem richer and fuller than without them.


In terms of the gameplay, it’s a mix of action-adventure, RPG elements and puzzles. Momodorais super easy to control, and I liked the game mechanics, as it was to get up and going. In parts of the game, I did circle on myself, trying to figure out the correct way to progress further in the game, which can sometimes be confusing. Sometimes, a gentle push in the right direction was needed; however, at times, this led to further exploration of the many areas of the game. I did enjoy crawling through the dungeons and finding the secret items, though the map system helps you to identify roughly where they are located. Sigils in the game allow you to adapt Momodora to the playstyle of your wishes, adding another layer to this game. The game will enable you to adjust the difficulty to suit an easy game more if that’s your style.¬†


Momodora: Moonlit Farewell is a fantastic pixel-art Metroidvania game. It is an excellent mix of action-adventure and puzzles. The dungeons contain many creatures to kill, and the world is beautifully rendered. The gameplay is fantastic and satisfying and will keep you returning to play it. While not perfect, the game has a lot going for it, and its positives outweigh the negatives; it is an entertaining game worth getting and enjoying.

Overall: 8.5/10

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