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Aspen Comics released New York Times best-selling writer J.T. Krul’s action-thriller series, Mindfield Volume One, today on March 7th. Created and written by Krul with art by Alex Konat (Michael Turner’s Fathom) and John Starr (Michael Turner’s Soulfire), solicitation for Mindfield Volume One reads:

Watch what you think! In the hopes of developing the ultimate wiretapping system against the War on Terror, the CIA has reached into their own history for answers. Reviving the failed MK-ULTRA program from the 1950’s, the CIA implements experimentation with hallucinogenic substances in order to create a squad of “enlightened” agents with acute telepathic abilities. Connor, Erika, Isaac and Kaseem represent this new breed of government agent: able to read any situation—as well as any mind! While this new Agency team struggles with their psychic conditions from the fallout of possessing such power, a new threat emerges, determined to bring the United States crashing down into flames—all in the name of revolution!

The Mindfield Volume One trade paperback also includes special back-up “Case Files” written by Krul and drawn by artist Lori Hanson (Executive Assistant: Assassins) with colors by Siya Oum (Lola XOXO), in addition to a complete cover gallery. Creator Krul discusses this collection:

I’m so thrilled that Mindfield is finally coming out in trade paperback. Working in comics, I’ve been able to play in other people’s worlds, but this was the first one of my own creation. I’ve long been drawn to the struggle of flawed individuals and within Mindfield that is what we get. Troubled souls fighting their own inner demons (and those of everyone around them) as they try to do what’s right. But you know what they say- ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions.’

Mindfield Volume One is in stores now. Aspen encourages fans and new readers to check with their local comic book store to order.

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