Mind Over Mushroom – Launch Trailer

Mind Over Mushroom release date announced
Turn-based tactics game where movement isn’t locked to a grid

Indie developer Binary Jellyfish announces that Mind Over Mushroom will launch August 17, 2018 for PC on Steam.  The game will be priced at $14.99 (and have a 10% launch discount).

Mind Over Mushroom is a turn-based, tactical strategy game where movement isn’t locked to a grid, instead being free-form, based on distance. There’s lots of unlockable character types – from carnivorous plants and walking bombs, to necromancers and giant snails. You begin each battle by choosing up to six characters (from the ones you’ve unlocked) in whatever combination you want.  Use clever tactics and a variety of status effects in challenging battles.  Embark on a journey through a range of vibrant, stylized, low-poly places to destroy a grave fungal threat.


⦁    Challenging turn-based tactical combat
⦁     Non grid-based movement system
⦁    Over a dozen different types of characters to unlock
⦁    25+ battles
⦁    Stylized low-poly visuals

Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/791800/Mind_Over_Mushroom

Website: http://mindovermushroom.com


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