Men in Black: International Review

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Rafe Spall, Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nunjiani, Kayvan Novak

Director: F. Gary Gray

Release date: 14th June


Paris 2016, and a battle is going on at the top of the Eiffel Tower between aliens known as The Hive and two Men In Black agents; High T (Liam Neeson) and H (Chris Hemsworth). The fight is fierce but soon over… Flash back in time twenty years previous, and a young girl named Molly is living with her parents in Brooklyn. One night after a lot of commotion she discovers a small blue alien hiding in her bedroom. Her parents are approached by the Men in Black and neutralised of their memories. Molly is a smart young kid and helps the alien escape. With this new knowledge, she is intrigued by aliens and the top secret Men In Black organisation. Years later, she tries to find a way into MIB but hits brick walls at every turn.. She ends up in a dead end job that she hates and finally one day she discovers their headquarters and sneaks herself in. Molly (Tessa Thompson) is immediately caught and asks the boss (Emma Thompson) to recruit her… Put on probation, she ends up being sent to London and meets a very cocky agent named H. Given a dangerous mission, the pair must work together to save the Earth from mysterious forces…


This is the fourth Men In Black adventure and focuses on the European branch of the organisation. The first movie was released back in 1997 and opened a door to a whole new world, leading to two further sequels. Previously the movies featured the partnership of Agents K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) and now we have a whole new array of characters existing in the same time-space.

A really great cast, consisting of many big names, it has pretty much everything you could want in an action movie. There’s not really much of a solid plot but nevertheless it ticks a lot of boxes; great CGI, lots of Chris Hemsworth, lots of action and plenty of punch ups. I always love seeing Kayvan Novak popping up in movies too. He’s a really great comedy actor and adds a nice comedic twist to the story. Check him out in the recent TV show, “What We Do In The Shadows”, he’s very funny. Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson are great as the slightly older members of MIB, and both are really great in this movie, keeping it on track. The only teeny tiny issue had with the film was Chris Hemsworth’s accent… It just felt a bit like he was going ‘overly British’ with it. Aside from that, it’s a great, fun movie with plenty of action to entertain the hardest heart.


If you loved the other three films, you’ll more than likely love this one too. Not entirely sure if there’s franchise potential off the back of it but it just remains to be seen I guess. Go see it, get some popcorn and a bucket of coke and prepare to be entertained.

Overall: 8/10


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