Maverick and Mad Cave Studios are pleased to announce Confetti Realms


 Confetti Realms

A group of teens are transported from a graveyard to another realm where they must collect teeth— and learn about themselves— in order to return home.

Written by Nadia Shammas

Illustrated by Karnessa  Colored by Hakto Oshiro

Mavericks’ Original Young Adult Graphic Novel Hits Shelves October 31, 2023

Maverick and Mad Cave Studios are pleased to announce Confetti Realms, an original graphic novel from writer Nadia Shammas, illustrated by Karnessa, and colored by Hakto Oshiro, publishing October 31, 2023. 

Summary: On Halloween night, when the moon is full, teenagers get up to mischief. But when an encounter with a giant, sentient puppet in a graveyard sends four teens to a mysterious dimension called the Confetti Realms, they must overcome obstacles in their own friendships–and collect the debted teeth owed to the puppet–in order to make their way home. 

But the allure of staying in a fantasy world is a hard one to beat, and going home to their normal lives is starting to sound less and less appealing for some. Will these friends return home?

Featuring a diverse cast of characters, this Tim Burton-esque, comedic, modern, and high-energy story is written by Harvey Award-winner Nadia Shammas, with art by Karnessa and colors by Hackto Oshiro.

Nadia Shammas said of the book: The idea of CONFETTI REALMS started with a Victorian Christmas Card. I was really inspired by the festive yet strangely macabre animals in their finest clothes. When thinking about developing the energy of the book further, pairing with Karnessa influenced a lot of creative decisions. I’ve been a fan of Karnessa’s work for a long time, they manage to balance comedy and horror so incredibly well, and their creature design work is just off the charts. I feel like we kept leaning into the absurdity of the world we had created, and it kept pushing us to go funnier and weirder. This book is probably the strangest and most joyous work I’ve done yet. It’s a touch of Over the Garden Wall with emo teens, a quest for loose teeth, and big emotional stakes.

Nadia added: “Confetti Realms is a deeply personal story for me, and a world I needed to make for myself during the pandemic. I put some of my most personal teenager memories into this, but also a frog that robs people at knifepoint. It was also a dream to make something so intimately focused on the emotional lives of alt queer kids of color. I honestly hope readers just enjoy the world we’ve made, and these messy kids who are doing their best.”  

Karnessa, the book’s illustrator, said that “this comic is like a weird vinaigrette of my favorite stuff. It has a little bit of everything: friendship, teeth, frog crimes, romance, catboys, more teeth and even a handsome automaton with the tumblr sexyman vibes.” 

The book arrives as Mad Cave’s Maverick imprint enters its second full year of releases. Since its launch in late 2021, we’ve been so pleased to see that there is a strong market appetite for the engaging and authentic coming-of-age stories that we have wanted to tell from the outset. Confetti Realms is a landmark addition to our growing list of stories for those who think differently, who aren’t afraid to be independent, who find freedom in the unexpected, and who fight for who they truly are.

Maverick’s senior editor Lauren Hitzhusen said,  “I’m so proud to be a part of Maverick as it enters its second year. Growing up can be such a challenge! Learning to balance your calling and what others expect of you–and what society expects of you–is a difficult balancing act. These three books are wonderful tales of self-discovery, friendship, and adventure, featuring heroes that don’t often see themselves represented. I am so proud of the work the creators have put into these books and thrilled to put them out into the world.”

Edited by Lauren Hitzhuzen and lettered by Micah Myers, Confetti Realms is slated for release October 2023 and is now available for pre-order from Maverick.



Nadia Shammas is a Palestinian-American comics and games writer from Brooklyn, NY now living in Toronto, Canada. She is best known for being the writer and co-creator of SQUIRE (HarperCollins), a Harvey Award winning YA Middle Eastern fantasy graphic novel co-created with Sara Alfageeh. Her other original work includes WHERE BLACK STARS RISE (Tor Nightfire), an adult eldritch horror graphic novella co-created with Marie Enger. She is also known for her work on MS. MARVEL: STRETCHED THIN (Scholastic). Her clients include Marvel, DC Comics, IDW Publishing, First Second, Tor Nightfire, Penguin Random House, and HarperCollins. She is represented by Charlie Olsen at Inkwell Management.


Karnessa is a comic book artist, illustrator and teeth enthusiast from the heart of Siberia. She loves to work in the horror genre and made a few short horror comics – “Carnivores”, “All my teeth”, “Rain” and a short comic collection “Midnight”, written by Yuriy Plisenko.



Hakto Oshiro is mainly active as an illustrator in Japan and abroad. Their illustrations are a little dark and creepy, yet lovely and vintage.


Maverick, Mad Cave Studios’ young adult imprint, offers engaging and authentic stories for those who think differently, are not afraid to be independent, and fight for who they truly are. With titles that range from slice-of-life stories to urban fantasy and horror, each Maverick graphic novel will be an authentic and inspiring universal story of personal struggle where anyone can find themselves within the pages.



By Nadia Shammas & Illustrated by Karnessa

ISBN: 9781952303333


Release Date: October 17, 2023

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