Marvel Action Classics: Spider-Man Two-In-One #1 Review

Written By: Marc Sumerak, Peter David

Artists: David Nakayama, Mike Norton

Inker: Norman Lee, Vicente Cifuentes

Cover by: Patrick Scherberger

Publisher: IDW Publishing


We get not one, but two Spider-Man stories in this first issue. We go back to Peter Parkers’ high school days, where top jock and all around jerk Flash Thompson gets bitten by a werewolf. Spidey is torn between whether to intervene or not, and seeks help from the sorcerer supreme – Doctor Strange. Our second story see’s Spider-Man taking on the Viking Gods’ of Asgard, as an Enchantress aims to take over the throne.

It has been some time now since I’ve read any Spider-Man comics, so this has been a treat for me. The first story – ‘Hair Of The Dog That Bit Ya’, brings us back to Peter’s High School Years where he was bullied quite a bit. In order to keep his identity as Spider-Man a secret, he continued to portray himself as the weak dork. A person who was constantly picked on by the ace football star – Flash Thompson. Unfortunately for Flash, he was attacked and infected by a Werewolf living in a haunted house. In a World filled with SuperHeroes, we still get some supernatural mysteries brought to life. Now Peter is far from a big fan of Flash Thompson’s, but as the famous quote goes ‘ With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility’. This still rings through with Peter, as despite his own personal opinion he does the right thing and helps out those that are in trouble, no matter who they may be. Now who better to seek advice on anything mystical, than the Sorcerer Supreme – Doctor Strange!


The second story we got, featured the great Thor in ‘If I Had A Hammer’. After disrupting a petty handbag crime, Spider-Man’s secret identity is discovered by the woman he saved. She is not of this realm however, as she hails from Asgard. Known as Amora, she is a powerful and seductive enchantress that seems to have caused some serious trouble in the past with her having been banished from Asgard. Not that Peter knows any of this, when she magically transports him with her to the gates of Asgard. A very interesting story, which I wish could have been expanded upon a bit more.

The artwork for each story has its own artist, with Mike Norton for ‘Hair Of The Dog That Bit Ya’ and David Nakayama for ‘If I Had A Hammer’. Both of which give off that same classic Spider-Man nostalgic feeling, the artwork is even reminiscent of the comics I used to read well over 10 years ago.


Worth checking out this Issue #1 of Marvels’ Action Classics: Spider-Man Two-In-One. It seems to be a new series, where it doesn’t matter if you do not pick up every single issue, as there seems to be no continuation of the stories. I would say this is good for all ages, but perhaps more enjoyable for teenagers.

Overall: 8/10


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