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Make Maps And Find Treasure In Cozy Cartography Game Map Map
New Wholesome Direct trailer showcases beautiful island environments and fun map-making mechanics

Hamburg, Germany – June 10th 2024 – Pipapo Games are pleased to announce their new cozy cartography game about making maps and finding hidden treasure, Map Map. A new trailer that debuted at Wholesome Direct over the weekend introduces players to the fun map making mechanics and colourful natural environments Map Map offers up for you to explore!

In Map Map, you set off on an adventure with your crew to find hidden treasure. You explore wondrous natural landscapes as you travel from island for island, searching for clues. Your task as the crew’s trusty cartographer is to explore each island, filling out what starts as an empty map with ruins, landmarks and other key locations. Unlock new cartography tools as you progress to help you create more accurate maps and lead your crew to the hidden treasure.
Get to know the unique characters that compose your crew at the outset and welcome new friends into the fold as your progress. Discover their stories and personalities as you discover secret places, ancient ruins and delightful animals or your cartographic adventures. Enjoy a pressure free experience without distracting quest markers that lets you uncover this whimsical world at your own pace.

“Our small team is really excited to show Map Map to the world with our brand new trailer,” said Project Manager and Environment Artist Clara Müller. “We’re still mapping our way to release, but we hope you’ll follow us on our journey. We can’t wait to share more of the fun stuff we’re working on and the kind of cozy, pressure-free experience Map Map will deliver on release.”

Pipapo Games
Map Map on Steam:

About Pipapo Games
Pipapo Games consists of  Annika, Lukas, Laura, and Clara, supported by Ali Popa who makes our game worlds come alive with beautiful audio and Jenni Wagner who manages our social media channels. Combining our different skill sets and previous industry experience, we focus on developing light-hearted, humorous games that feature creative and unique mechanics.

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