Mahmud Asrar’s Edenwood #1 Variant Cover Revealed

PORTLAND, Ore. — Bestselling writer/artist Tony S. Daniel (Nocterra, Batman, Deathstroke) will launch an all-new fantasy series titled Edenwood. This ongoing war-ravaged epic will feature coloring by Marcelo Maiolo (Nocterra) and debut in September from Image Comics.

Edenwood—An eons-long series of multiverse wars between demons and witches has found earth as its latest battleground. The battle pits Necronema, the demonic land which supplanted the Midwest twenty years ago, against Edenwood, the witchcraft controlled area of land that protects the rest of the U.S. In the first story arc of this ongoing series readers are introduced to Rion, a young man born during the apocalyptic events of southern Illinois, who is thrust into the role of hero and leader after killing a Gather, a transient demon with the powers to cross any barrier or dimension.

Edenwood is a series three years in the making, one that I was beginning to craft right before Scott Snyder and I crossed paths in NYC and fate took me in another direction, co-creating Nocterra with one of comics’ finest writers,” said Daniel. “This series represents what I love most about comics: excitement, drama, big action, heroes we can relate to and fall in love with, and villains we’ll love to despise. This series is very high concept—yet its characters remain relatable and grounded in reality—all while we have an epic, large-scale battleground of demonic tanks, floating battleships and demon soldiers pitted against witchcraft-infused weaponry and armored soldiers. And away from all of the violent magic and mayhem between Edenwood and Necronema, we have the ‘Open Lands’ (the rest of the United States) where just as much evil is happening but in a quiet, deliberate way, to further the demon expansion. All of this is the backdrop for our hero, Rion, and his cast of fun and exciting demon hunters. So to say that I’m excited to be working on this new series would be one of the biggest understatements of my career!”

Summoned by the Witch War Council, Rion must assemble an elite team of demon hunters tasked with infiltrating Necronema with a list of targets to annihilate. The men and women he selects happen to all be the most famous and revered demon hunters of all time, dating back to the 1700s. But Rion has his sights set on a young and powerful witch being held prisoner deep within Necronema. The mission is one of search and destroy… however Rion feels he’s been chosen for more than that.

Edenwood #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, September 27.

Edenwood #1 will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play

“EDENWOOD is everything I want, I need, and I love in comics. Great characters, huge mythology, and epic storytelling on every level. Part heartfelt coming of age story, part gore-filled, action-packed showdown between demons, witches and badass warriors, this book has some thing for everybody! Tony Daniel has outdone himself!” — Scott Snyder

“Romantic, intriguing and CREEEPY, Edenwood is Daniel at its finest.” —Yanick Paquette

“Tony at his finest! Beautiful art, captivating story and killer storytelling. A must buy.’”—Rafael Albuquerque

“Chock full of beautiful art, intriguing characters and curious lore right from the start, this story is Tony Daniel at his best.”—Mahmud Asrar

“Demons! Magic! Action! Adventure! Tony S. Daniel’s storytelling at its BEST!” — Szymon Kudranski

“If telling you Tony Daniel’s is creating a book about Demon Hunters doesn’t immediately make you want to buy this book, I don’t know what to tell you. Edenwood leaves you wanting to turn the page faster and faster. Gnarly, exciting, and just a damn good time.” — Sean Gordon Murphy

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