Magma Comix: Now Available on GlobalComix

In honor of shops and collectors, digital distribution of Magma Comix titles will be held for two weeks post direct market release

APR. 26, 2024, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Magma Comix titles are available on GlobalComix!

GlobalComix, the leading digital platform, believes that amazing comics should be accessible, no matter where they’re made, what language they’re in, or how they’ve been formatted. Whether you read comics online, on a tablet or phone, in vertical scroll, single or double-page layouts, or panel-to-panel, you can customize it the way you like for a powerful reading experience. The app is also available on iOS and Google Play. 



 To honor retailers and comic collectors alike, Magma Comix will be holding all issues and graphic novel collections for digital distribution for two weeks after their issues’ physical release into the Direct Market, giving readership multiformat access to the boutique publisher’s amazing catalog.

“I’ve been working with Chris, Eric, and their team since the early days of GlobalComix, and our shared mission of empowering creators and readers has never wavered,” said Denton J. Tipton, Magma Comix Founder. “This viewpoint has contributed to their massive growth these past few years, and I’m excited about what a fully independent Magma can accomplish with them.”



“We’re thrilled that Denton and the Magma Comix team are bringing their exceptional creator-owned storytelling to GlobalComix,” said Christopher Carter, CEO & Founder of GlobalComix. “Their philosophy of empowering creators with the resources to succeed aligns perfectly with our vision for the future of comics, manga, and webcomics. We’re looking forward to working with the Magma Comix team to bring that future into the present.”

Check out Magma Comix on GlobalComix. The Principles of Necromancy #1 by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing and Eamon Winkle is now available to read, with Silicon Bandits #1 and The Scale Trade #1 coming soon! 

 Whether you prefer to add physical or digital reads to your library, Magma Comix has got you covered.

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