Madshot Review

Developer: Overflow

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), Switch

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: HOOK


Madshot, the latest action-packed platform and shooter rogue-lite, deserves your attention. You will battle through hordes of evilness to face Cthulu.

The game is a 2D shooter and platformer rouge-lite where you will gain power-ups across runs or only during a specific run. The ability to have power-ups that last across games and runs requires strategy from the players, and your choices will affect your game. The power-ups across runs will be non-existent at the start, for example, extra health, but; as you die over and over, you can upgrade your abilities according to your play style.


At the start, you will have one primary firearm; more will be unlocked as you get deeper into the game; you can wield a side-arm and enhance your ability through power-ups throughout the game. The choice of what you spec up; is up to you, but the power-ups between your skills and weapons can create devastating synergies. Be wise with your choices to progress further.

The gameplay is primarily a shooter with platforming elements; however, you can also dodge via a roll mechanic. Add another asset to this profoundly fascinating and excellent rogue-lite game.


The art style is a beautiful dark 2D style that highlights the darkness in the world and brings the hordes of ghastly beings to life. It’s a dark, horrific world with each monster and boss brilliantly animated.

Each level is wonderfully themed, giving another element of gameplay to the world of Madshot; the platforming details add another depth to each level’s design, enhancing each level’s variety and gameplay style. The voice acting and soundtrack complement the art style and visuals to give an enjoyable experience for the player.


Madshot does a great job executing rouge-lite features and putting its spin on them. The shooting and platform elements’ fast action pace make for an intriguing and addictive game. I found it hard to put once I started playing it. It’s a fantastic chaotic rogue-lite game that is just awesome.

Overall: 9/10

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