Madcap Castle Released on 11th of December

São Paulo, Brazil – November 23, 2017 – The challenging game Madcap Castle, developed by indie studio Diel Mormac Games and published by IDJ Games, got the releasing date for PC and is promising to bring many adventures, fun and a lot of nostalgia through 150 levels. The title will be released on 11th of December on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

Madcap Castle has been designed as a love letter to the classic Game Boy with graphics, audio and gameplay mechanics carefully crafted to update the retro experience to modern devices, but retaining everything that gamers loved about the portable. The game has been making a lot of success on expos, including the recent edition of Brazil Game Show, where players could buy an exclusive collector edition with a physical box, one poster, a set of stickers and the full game Steam key.  

Along the 150 levels, the players will control a mage in a castle crowded of obstacles, enemies and secrets trying to restore his memory and powers.


Madcap Castle Steam page:

Official game website:

About Diel Mormac Games: The development studio Diel Mormac Games was created in 2015 with a focus on creating 2D retro experiences, and has gained respect from the Brazilian community through participations in game jams and community events. ( )

About IDJ Games: IDJ Games is an indie games publisher with a mission to help quality titles fullfill their potential in the international market. More information in

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