MachiaVillain – Announcement Trailer

MachiaVillain – Announcement Trailer

Gambitious Digital Entertainment has announced it will publish MachiaVillain, the evil mansion management and strategy game from independent developer Wild Factor. Inspired by classic gaming experiences like Dungeon Keeper and the tropes of horror cinema, this insidious title is expected to arrive this fall on Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

MachiaVillain challenges players to build their own mansions up from harmless houses to nightmarish palaces of terrors. Lure locals inside, set deadly traps or let your minions feast on their flesh. But beware – even horror movie monsters have a code to honor. To become the scariest neighborhood menace, you’ll have to slay by the rules… target victims when they’re alone, keep the virgin alive until the end, and never, ever hurt the dog.

Assemble and manage a menagerie of monstrous minions, balancing their unique traits, needs and fighting styles, then customize the mansion to make them feel at home. Players can use resources from the environment and leftover body parts from dismembering to craft new items to help keep the manor safe from supernatural creatures and monster hunters who would threaten to topple their gruesome ascent to glory.

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For more information on the game, please visit or You can also follow us on Twitter @WildFactorGames or @GambitiousInc.

About Wild Factor

Founded in 2012 in Paris, Wild Factor is an indie studio making games with an offbeat sense of humor. Their third title, MachiaVillain, started when Alexandre -the coder- convinced Rachel, his girlfriend artist, to enter an innocent LudumDare. His evil plan worked, as they have been working in couple on MachiaVillain for over two years.



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