Lumberjanes #52 Review

Written by: Shannon Watters & Kay Leyh

Illustrated by: Dozerdraws

Colours by: Maarta Laiho

Letters by: Aubrey Aiese

Cover by: Kat Leyh

Published by: BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box


This issue dives right into the action where the last issue left us, on a cliff hanger. A storm has caused the girls to have to entertain themselves in the mess hall but Ripley, Mal and April have found themselves trapped down a giant hole in the storm, narrowly escaping a giant centipede. Through a series of events that are sure to give you a few chuckles everything turns out to be okay in the end and Ripley continues to steal my heart by being the cutest camper there could possibly be.


I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and felt it fit right in as part of the feel-good and light Lumberjanes series, especially coming into the summer.

You can really see the individual characters shine through in this issue, which is impressive considering the size of cast and that they are all, for the most part, girls of a similar age. It could be very easy for a writer to inadvertently blend their characters together but they are all so individual and unique. Throughout the series the Lumberjanes cast has expanded from the five girls cabin Roanoke, their counsellor and the camp leader, to including multiple side characters who have their own unique personalities and backstories and you can really see this in the mess hall scenes.

What I liked most about this issue was the use of colour to control the mood and tone of the issue, whether it was the vibrant primary colours from inside the mess hall, the dreary and gloomy greys and purples of the storm and the eerie and mystical light blue and white of the world underneath the camp.


If I had to say anything bad about this issue I would say that I would have like to have seen a bit more of the giant bug kingdom they discover as we only see a brief glimpse of it as the girls pass through it on their journey to get back to the mess hall.

Overall I would recommend getting to the store and buying this issue if want to enjoy a light hearted and fun story for summer holidays.

Overall: 7/10


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