Lowborn High is Out Now

The next graphic novel in the 2000 AD Regened Series, LOWBORN HIGH, is out now. This magical graphic novel for teens, brought to you from the mind of David Barnett and the artistic talents of Anna Morozova and Mike Walters is ready to enthral YA readers looking for dark magical mysteries or a fantasy fix.

What is Lowborn High all about? For as long as anyone can remember, Wychdusk Manor has been the school to which all the top magical novices are sent, where they are trained to become the world’s greatest wizards. Androgeus Frost, part of one of the wizarding worlds’ most esteemed families, always thought it was a sure thing he’d get in, but a bad attitude and even worse grades soon land him at Lowborn High instead.


A struggling inner-city comprehensive school for those with mediocre magical talent, Androgeus finds himself with all the other duds, drop-outs, and those who don’t have the upper-class wizarding family background. Making friends with Maisy, Ali and Dril, soon the group of friends find there are mysteries to solve and the pupils of Lowborn High can still be capable of some truly amazing feats!


This magical new addition to the 2000 AD Regened series bring something different to the table of wizardly universes. Inspired by Grange Hill and the idea of what happens to those that don’t make it into the grand wizarding schools, Lowborn High is ready for a generation of teen readers wanting something beyond Harry Potter.

Lowborn High is released on 23rd April in the US and 25th April in the UK, and is available now on Amazon, the 2000 AD webstore, and wherever books are sold.

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