Love Lies Bleeding Review

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Katy O’Brian, Ed Harris, Dave Franco, Anna Baryshnikov

Genre: Drug Crime, Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Director: Rose Glass

In Cinemas: 3rd May 2024


“Love Lies Bleeding” emerges as an electrifying cinematic experience, skillfully blending elements of romance, thriller, and magical realism into a captivating narrative set against the backdrop of 1989. in the rugged, grungy landscape of rural Nevada, where the stage is set for a tale of sex, murder, and female bodybuilding.

In the ’90s, indie film noir often mimicked the style of ’40s thrillers with their dark ambiance and seductive femme fatales. However, “Love Lies Bleeding” breaks away from this trend.

Directed by Rose Glass, known for “Saint Maud” (2019), this film exudes a contemporary flair. Set in a small desert town in rural New Mexico in 1989, it captures the gritty essence from the outset, as seen in the scenes at the rundown gym where Lou (Kristen Stewart) works as a manager.


The film takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey through the complex relationship between a reclusive gym manager and an ambitious bodybuilder.

From the moment the enigmatic stranger, Jackie, portrayed with intensity by Katy O’Brian, enters the scene, the film pulses with an undeniable energy reminiscent of classic film noir. Kristen Stewart shines as Lou, infusing her character with a restless intensity that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.


The chemistry between Stewart and O’Brian is palpable, igniting the screen with their fiery romance and magnetic presence. As their relationship unfolds against a backdrop of violence and suspense, the film masterfully navigates themes of fate, family, and the transformative power of love.


In addition to its gripping storyline, “Love Lies Bleeding” boasts stunning visuals and a killer synth soundtrack that immerses viewers in its atmospheric world. Director Rose Glass pays homage to cinematic influences such as James M. Cain and the Coen Brothers while infusing the film with her own unique vision.


The result is a cinematic tour de force that transcends genre conventions, offering audiences a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of love, desire, and the darkness that lurks within us all.

“Love Lies Bleeding” is a must-see for fans of noir cinema and anyone seeking a refreshingly original take on the traditional romantic thriller.

Overall: 7.5/10

THE 74th Berlin International Film Festival

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