Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Launches Today for PC

Chinese Mythology Meets Roguelite Action as Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Launches Today for PC

‘The sincere effort opens even the hardest stone’. 

Guangzhou, China – April 12th 2024. Exciting indie publisher 663 Games invites you to embark on a roguelite action adventure inspired by Chinese mythology with today’s launch of Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother for PC via Steam. This anticipated and thrilling game is available to buy now for $9.99USD/€9.75EUR/£8.50GBP with a limited-time 10% launch discount.  

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother is a top-down roguelite action game inspired by Chinese mythology. Join Chenxiang on a perilous quest to rescue his mother, Sanshengmu. To battle the enemies standing in his way, Chenxiang must master martial arts skills from the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. After completing the main story, players will also have the freedom to adjust the difficulty settings to their preference for added challenges.

Full launch game enhancements

The main features of Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother lie in the martial arts factions, magical artifacts, as well as Nuwa’s elemental blessings. There are various styles of thrilling martial art factions to master such as Enigmatic Splendor, Mysterious Flying Stars and Phantom Slash, each providing rich character enhancements during battles, laying a solid foundation for player growth and progression as the story unfolds.

Over 20 magical artifacts are available in diverse categories named Heaven, Earth, Man, and God, offering players a range of active skills and unique passive attributes. In battles, players can also enhance their artefacts with the Destiny Plate Bead imbued with Ice, Fire, Thunder, and Wind elements. When enhanced to a certain degree, the artifact’s initial skills and performance undergo significant improvements.

Nuwa’s blessings, divided into elements of Thunder, Ice, Fire, Wind, and Formlessness, generate elemental products during battles, allowing regular attacks and skills to carry additional elemental effects. Players can freely choose and combine these within battles, gradually achieving increasingly powerful combat growth experiences based on the cultivation of techniques and artifacts.

Embark on an epic journey where players have the freedom to adjust the difficulty settings to their preference for added challenges after completing the main story.

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother introduces numerous factions and artifacts and incorporates various elemental effects into martial arts and artifact skills. Players will encounter many characters from famous Chinese mythology, such as Princess Iron Fan and the Red Boy Sudhana, all of whom are fully voiced, providing a more complete immersive experience.

About Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother

Sanshengmu, a goddess from the celestial court, has been imprisoned beneath Mount Hua for violating celestial laws by giving birth to a boy named Chenxiang with a mortal. When Chenxiang came of age and learned the truth, he vowed to rescue his mother.

With the assistance of Sun Wukong and other powerful immortals, Chenxiang must overcome numerous trials and defeat formidable enemies to finally be reunited with his mother.

  • Rich combinations of sects and magical treasures – Multiple sect systems will enhance various combat styles. Create your own magical combat abilities by combining a dazzling array of magical treasures with cultivating dozens of items. In each challenge, you always harvest new surprises.
  • Encounter well-known deities and immortals – On your perilous journey, you will meet many characters from Chinese mythology, such as Sun Wukong, the Eight Immortals, Erlang Shen and Nezha. Be they foes or friends, they will join you in crafting this gripping and suspenseful tale.
  • An ancient artifact and mystical powers – In addition to the real-time action combat, players can utilise the Lotus Lantern, an ancient artifact to unleash divine abilities like Time Manipulation and Bullet Time. The Lotus Lantern can also permanently enhance your abilities, aiding you in overcoming indomitable enemies!
  • An unpredictable adventure – As you encounter numerous random events throughout the game, will you challenge yourself or seek stability? It’s all up to you!  Lotus

Lantern: Rescue Mother releases today for PC via Steam for $9.99USD/€9.75EUR/£8.50GBP with a limited-time 10% launch discount. Fans can still wishlist the game on Steam and download the free Steam demo to play the full first level.

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