Loot Rascals Out Now

Loot Rascals, a card-swapping roguelike with asynchronous “steal or share” multip-P-P-P… retro sci-fi SSSthetic…… British hum-M-M… from Hollow Ponds, is now avaiL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L SCREEEEEEEE##>>,,.####;;;///#??##’**&&&^##^..///…

llo? Can Y-Y-Y-Y hear me? Hello? There we go.

I don’t have long before they take the transmission over again, but I wanted to say:

Pull on a pair of Space Shorts and visit Loot Rascals’ holiday space camp, the first ever destination vacation to feature a Scottish Teapot Genie …

  • Get into a fist fight with a carrot!
  • Skate in the trail of a boy made of ice cream!
  • Lose yourself in the Enchanting Vale of Zong!
  • Beware of the Horse Brothers – a horse and seahorse intertwined for maximum battle flexibility!
  • Equip special Cards like the Transcendacle, the Pause Poncho or the Chronoflange!
  • Hang out with Holograms of all your friends!
  • Try not to get killed by SPACE DEATH
  • Reach the top of the fabled ‘Streaks Leaderboard’ by beating the Daily Challenge repeatedly, without ever failing! 

 It’s pretty great, if I S-S-S-S-S so myseL-L-L-L-L-L…^^^###”££***=;;;//?….

—four game modes: Standard, Daily Challenge, Seeded, and Practice Mode. The Daily Challenge mode has a special leaderboard which tracks and displays bragging rights for the longest streak of daily successes.

Loot Rascals is available on the PlayStation Store and Steam for $14.99 with full English voiceovers and French, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles.

“We’re really excited for players to get their hands on Loot Rascals. It’s a deeply strategic roguelike with card sharing elements, cunningly disguised as a very silly cartoon”, says Ricky Haggett, founder and lead designer, Hollow Ponds.

Loot Rascals 2

For more information, please visit the official website.


About Hollow Ponds

Founded by the Lead Designer of Hohokum, Hollow Ponds is comprised of roughly a dozen people who strive to create experiences with a wholly original playfulness and sensibility.



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