Lightphobe Available in Early Access on Steam

Asymmetrical Co-op Shooter, Lightphobe, is Available Now in Early Access on Steam!

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – February 12th, 2024 – After a successful debut in last week’s Steam Next Fest, Mutant Realm Entertainment is launching their first title into Early Access on Steam. Lightphobe is an asymmetrical cooperative multiplayer that blends first person shooting, and tactical third person action gameplay in competitive deathmatches. Choose your side, grab some friends and enjoy both online and offline battles against an onslaught of well armed opposition!

About The Game

Lightphobe is an asymmetrical cooperative multiplayer game where players can choose between defending the earth as a squad of well-armed soldiers or terrorizing their enemies as the ethereal skeletal creatures known as Lightphobes. 

Invincible within the darkness, and armed to the teeth, Lightphobes are powerful unearthly nightmares, who will stop at nothing until they rip every living thing in front of them to shreds. Soldiers will need more than just bullets to survive. The military has sent specialists who can equip 5 different loadouts allowing for varied playstyles to even the odds against the opposition.

Gameplay Description
Lightphobe blends competitive team-based shooter gameplay with melee-based stealth mechanics in a cat and mouse-style battle for supremacy.

  • Strategize and adapt to a constantly changing battlefield with dynamic light sources that directly affect the competition.
  • Pick between playing as a Soldier (first-person shooter) or as a Lightphobe (third-person melee action) with multiple load-outs to choose from.
  • Play with up to 16 players in multiplayer; with support for both peer-to-peer networking and dedicated servers
  • Practice your skills against AI enemies in offline practice matches.
  • Save your highlights and spectate previous matches with the Replay System

About Mutant Realm Entertainment

Mutant Realm Entertainment is a Canadian developer currently working on their debut title, Lightphobe!

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