Leanne’s Anime Demon Slayer Mystery Box Review

Over the last number of weeks I have been researching ways of buying anime merch and statues from Japan, as I was supposed to be on a two week holiday in Tokyo at the beginning of October. However due to the current pandemic and travel restrictions, those long anticipated travel plans have been put on hold for the next while. In order to try and regain some of the enjoyment of figure hunting in Akihabara, I decided to have a look and see what kind of sellers there are that sell Kuji prizes and decently priced figures. And so I came across ‘Leanne’s Anime’ page over on Facebook. Which you can check out in the link here – (https://www.facebook.com/pg/Leannes-anime-118660289526150/posts/?ref=page_internal) . Leanne has turned her passion for anime into a business, where she can not only create mystery boxes of popular anime, but she also seeks out and is able to get official anime merch and figures straight from Japan. If you are looking for anything in particular that is exclusive to Japan, Leanne is the one to get in contact with. Her business is based in the UK, but does ship to most countries at a reasonable cost. It was only an extra £10.00 to ship a box to me in Ireland. ‘Leanne’s Anime’ has been up and running now for the last two years and she has since gathered quite a following of clients, with over 900 people currently following her page. There has been nothing but positive interactions and reviews from what I have seen, with regular page updates and new stock always coming in.

So I decided to take a leap of faith and treat myself to a £55 Demon Slayer mystery box to see what was inside.


First off, I received this box in the post on a Monday morning when it was only posted out on a Saturday in England . Now that was a quick turnaround service. It arrived in a medium box and everything appeared well wrapped, with zero damage or wear and tear. Seeing as all these items were once shipped from Japan to the Uk, and then onto me. I was expecting some bit of damage, but all appeared in excellent condition. So the first item that caught my eye was this Demon Slayer Mini Poster, which was an E prize in an old Kuji lottery. This is a high quality looking picture, that was full of action and the main cast. I just wish the image was laminated so it can be better protected and preserved. I also received a Tanjiro mascot plush, which I think originated from a store and not a Kuji. These things aren’t exactly cheap to buy brand new in Japan, so this was a nice addition.


Moving on we have a mystery box item, where you can get one of six different characters. Each of which appear similar to a small tsum tsum plush, but their hands act like a bulldog clip. Their legs act like the lever to open and close them. So you can attach them to books, fabric or even as a hanging decoration. I was lucky enough to get Nezuko in this box, and I have to be honest her design is a lot creepier in real life than what appears on the side of the box!


Next up is the absolute gem of the box for me, and that is this official Kanao figure. I have seen this particular figure go for around £30 just on her own, so was quite surprised to see her included in the box. Although she is not amongst the main characters in the show, her character background is highly memorable just from the first season. As you can see from the picture, there is a lot of detail gone into her form the show. She is in her Demon Slaying uniform, with her sword bound to her hip and also has that iconic butterfly hair accessory. Which also ties her to her squad and Captain who sports something similar. Now I am on the hunt for even more Demon Slayer characters to join her on my shelf.


Moving on we also have two rubber strap keychains from the same Demon Slayer Kuji the art print came from. On the left we have Giyu, who was one out of nine possible characters I could have gotten. This was a very lucky box, as I was actually hoping to pull him. This rubber strap was the I prize in that particular lottery. The one on the right was the H prize, of which I pulled Makomo. Once again she was another Demon Slayer who had such a heartbreaking backstory. Really glad I got her, she was also a one in nine characters I could have gotten. I am also surprised to see how big these rubber straps were in person, as I was not expecting them to be very big. You can even see the size comparison to the figure box behind them. So at the moment I have them displayed on a Cork Board I bought a few months back.


And last but not least, I also got a cushion cover in this mystery box of Nezuko! This cover is actually really good quality, with a solid zip and stitching I really wasn’t expecting. Thankfully I had a spare pillow hiding around the place that I was able to instantly switch out for this new living room decor!

And there we have it, that was a £55 ‘Demon Slayer’ Mystery Box from Leanne’s Anime. Was it worth the price? I believe so, to play a single Kuji ticket in Japan it ranges from 700 to 900 yen depending on the lottery. That’s roughly €7 to €9 a ticket. We got three official Kuji prizes, a plush keychain from a store, a mystery Demon Slayer box, a figure and a cushion cover. At a convention I would easily see stalls push up the prices of certain popular figures such as these to nearly €50, and people would buy them. The quality and overall value of the goods inside the box are more than worth the price tag, especially when none of these are readily available to buy overseas.

I highly advise checking out ‘Leanne’s Anime’ over on Facebook, as she is constantly updating with new stock and offers. I will definitely be going back to her again in the future!

Leanne’s Anime – https://www.facebook.com/pg/Leannes-anime-118660289526150/posts/?ref=page_internal

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