Landnama Now Available On Steam

Tiny indie team Sonderland Games is thrilled to announce that Landnama is now available on Steam at a price of 13.99 USD with a week long 20% discount.

In Landnama, players guide the first clans that emigrated to Iceland in the 9th century. The game’s rogue-lite, survival and settlement builder mechanics require players to explore uncharted lands, exploit valuable resources, and strategically upgrade their settlements before the harsh winter sets in.

Drawing inspiration from the 12th-century Icelandic saga “Landnámabók”, the game is inspired by history. Players will immerse themselves in the lives of builders, farmers, and settlers, all of whom risked their lives in search of a better future.

“We wanted to come up with something different than the usual cliches of bloodthirsty Vikings you see in every game or TV show” says Sonderland co-founder, Mathias Tournier. “For most people at that time, the main threat was nature, tempering with their ability to grow food and survive. This is the story we wanted to tell and teach players about.”

Landnama is the first game of the self-funded studio Sonderland – a team of three friends and industry veterans based in Berlin and Vancouver who create minimalist yet challenging gaming experiences for everyone to enjoy.


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