Lakeburg Legacies – Launch Trailer

Spicy drama awaits in social-based management sim Lakeburg Legacies, out now on Steam!

The crystal ball foresees a thriving realm… if you can pair up the right people.

Lille, France, 20 July 2023 – Building a town? Easy peasy! Managing affairs of love… now that’s where the real challenge lies. Try your hand at matchmaking in social-based management sim Lakeburg Legacies, out now on Steam and GOG.

 In Lakeburg Legacies, you’re tasked with making a town thrive, from a simple lumberjack’s hut to a thriving realm. Looking after your villagers’ needs means balancing the right facilities and resources… including love. With the help of a matchmaker and her crystal ball, you can match couples and guide the destiny of their lineage. Pair personality traits wisely and see how these choices affect your realm: will you build a settlement through the power of love, or pure strength and skill? Be careful, though: with love comes heartbreak!

Balance production, trade, housing, relationships, and more as you set out to create a happy settlement. With tricky randomized events and visitors to keep you on your toes, your time in Lakeburg will be different with every playthrough. Seek out everlasting love and crown a worthy sovereign, or create drama through sordid affairs and let chaos reign!

Embrace the drama in Lakeburg Legacies today, as it’s out now with a 15% launch week discount on Steam: and GOG:

Key features:

  • Pair together the lovebirds of your town, regardless of gender, and find the perfect matches to create the strongest, happiest settlement around.
  • Write your legacy: happy couples will have children, so try to pass the best traits from generation to generation.
  • From small village to flourishing kingdom: manage your resources to thrive.
  • Navigate tricky, randomized events that will introduce chaos in the love life of your people. Try to keep them in check!
  • Everything procedural: every playthrough of Lakeburg Legacies is different – what kind of ruler will you be?

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About Ishtar Games:

Ishtar Games is a development studio and the indie publishing label of Nacon, based in Lille and Bordeaux (France). We previously made The Last Spell and the “Dead in” games (Dead in Bermuda, Dead in Vinland). We love games that are complex, mix different genres, especially with an RPG component.

Ishtar Games is built, run, and founded by gamers. Because of this, we are passionate about being true to ourselves and crafting games that not only hold our values, but are also games that we’d like to play ourselves.

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