Lady Mechanika: La Belle Dame Sans Merci #2 Review

Story: M.M. Chen and Joe Benitez

Pencils: Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel

Digital Inks: Studio J=13

Colors: Beth Sotelo

Lettering: Michael Heisler

Cover: Joe Benitez

Publisher: Benitez Productions




Another solid steampunk special, this second issue of the La Belle Dame Sans Merci installment was packed with gorgeous artwork and spine-tingling suspense. Lady Mechanika has been such a success for some very good reasons, and it continues to grab readers with its fast moving pace and fabulous characters.

Right from the start, this issue kicks it into high gear, quite literally. We left Mechanika in danger at the end of the first issue in this story arc, and she has to fight her way out of a dire situation to battle new mystical mayhem in the form of a powerful white-haired fae woman. I had a great time, just as I always do with Lady Mechanika books. They are adventurous and awe-inspiring, and I usually leave after reading just itching to get started working on my own ideas and stories.


The plot moves rapidly, but it’s never too quick to follow. The dialogue is snappy, and somewhat cliched at parts, but it works fine in this genre. I love the evolution of the characters, though I do wish they were more diverse (I think I said this exact same thing about the last issue, so I am definitely wishing hard).

The scenes are just as cool as always; the style of the tall, bony characters and angular buildings and landscapes gives the book a Tim Burton vibe almost. I really enjoy all of the little gears and pipes around the panels, but every once in awhile, the pages get too busy, especially when they have a plethora of tiny images. Mostly, however, the art is amazing; I admire how the hair and faces are drawn.


Great set of books, tons of action and mystery. Hands down, a series I just really love having on my shelves. Can’t wait for the next issue.

Overall: 9/10


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