Kursk – Real-Time Engine Trailer

Kursk – Real-Time Engine Trailer

Jujubee publishes a trailer created using the engine for the documentary-adventure game “KURSK” and reveals when the release date will be announced!

(KATOWICE, Poland | April 27, 2018)  Jujubee S.A. has published a new official trailer for the first ever documentary-adventure game KURSK and revealed when its release date will be announced. The announcement will happen during Pixel Heaven in June, a popular festival for gamers and fans of retro gaming. The studio will be promoting its existing games at the event and will host a panel on the second day, during which it will show gameplay footage from, and announce the official release date of, the long-awaited KURSK! But that’s not all that’s planned for this occasion.

Today, Jujubee has released a new trailer for the game KURSK. It’s worth noting that it was rendered in real-time, using the game’s engine, and was not enhanced. As such, it showcases the actual current state of the game’s quality, which will only continue to be polished by the team responsible for this historic title until its official release.

This is the second time Jujubee will be taking part in the game and retro festival, Pixel Heaven, in Warsaw. This time, however, will be special. During the panel titled “KURSK. Is it time games started telling true stories?,” the Katowice-based company will reveal the release date for the game.

Jujubee has long emphasized its desire to step outside the self-contained world of video game subjects. The studio wants to tackle serious and controversial themes, inspiring and encouraging gamers to expand their knowledge about the world around us. And so, the company is introducing a new sub-category for its products that will from now on be identified by the slogan GAMES BEYOND. They will be characterized by a greater emphasis on the story being told, original gameplay, and mature subject matter. The first game to fit the new category will be KURSK, the next being the already announced CONCLAVE.


“We believe the time has come to tell real stories. In an age in which we compete for the free time of consumers against the entire entertainment industry, including movies and TV series, and when people are less likely to read non-fiction, game producers have an additional obligation. It’s true that games are becoming more complex, offering an incredible audio-visual experience, and allowing us to lose ourselves in a virtual world, but they rarely help us grow. That is why we want to step outside the self-contained world of video game subject matter and invite players to broaden their knowledge about history or the actual world. We’re convinced that KURSK will be a very attractive title to anyone looking for an ambitious and mature game” – said Michał Stępień, CEO of Jujubee. 


KURSK is the first ever documentary-adventure game. It will focus on the tragedy of the Russian atomic submarine K-141 Kursk, which sank in the Barents Sea in August 2000. The game’s plot will be largely based on facts, making the player a witness to dramatic events that shook the world at the time.

The game will be available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

More information about the game can be found at KURSKTHEGAME.COM.


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