Kickstarter Launched for The Theory

Years in the making, from the writers of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man graphic novel, The Theory – A Twisted Sci-Fi is finally ready!


The first volume is finished and ready to go! If you like Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone or stories that make you think – this is the comic for you.  

What is it about?

Like Twisted Dark, The Theory is an interconnected series of short stories with twist endings. There are three main plot lines throughout the story which slowly come together as the series progresses.  


Humans have achieved the seemingly impossible – faster than light travel.

Despite discovering hundreds and hundreds of planets that once contained intelligent life, not a single planet has been found where that life still remains. All these planets have one thing in common – the civilizations have been wiped out, either by accident or by design.     

Linda is an Astroarchaeologist and her job is to find these dead civilizations and learn from them, so humans avoid the same fate.  


As Linda discovers what happened to all the civilisations, she sees parallels for our own future but is nonetheless filled with hope for the past.

Jemm-r is a time traveller, part of a group whose mission is to reduce human suffering.


Common belief is that any small changes in history would adhere to the Chaos theory, with massive differences down the line.
The actual mathematics behind it show this is not the case. Incredibly a few hundred years later, almost no difference appears in the timelines. With this knowledge, Jemm-r’s team’s mission is to travel in time and do minimal alterations to reduce human suffering throughout history. It is a truly noble profession.  

Or is it?

The third plotline involves…well, that would be a spoiler and we’re simply not giving it away at this point. You’ll have to read it to find it out!  🙂

The Theory is written by Neil Gibson, illustrated by a rotating team of awesome artists, coloured by the brilliant Liezl Buenaventura and lettered by Justin Birch. The whole first volume is finished and ready to print.


The Kickstarterpage:

Please do have a read of the story over on Webtoons or on their website.


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