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This years’ Dublin Comic Con is just around the corner, and with it has come some incredible guests announcements over the last couple of months and weeks. Including Kevin Sorbo, who famously portrayed Hercules in the 1990’s TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. This interview was made possible by the hard working people over at Dublin Comic Con and Kevin Sorbo for freeing up some of his time. For more information, the guest line up and to buy tickets, click on the link here for all that info and more:


Q: It is a pleasure to have this opportunity with the man, the myth and legend himself – Hercules TV star Kevin Sorbo. I grew up in the 90’s and used to watch your show – Hercules: The Legendary Journeys alongside Xena: Warrior Princess. I was amazed back then and still am now, by shows based around mythical Gods. Before approaching this role, did you know much about the mythological character and what you could do to bring him to life on screen?

A: I have always been a fan of Mythology. As a 13-14 year-old, I read many books on the subject and, of course, Hercules was my favorite! The first season of Hercules was set up as five TV movies and I got the amazing honor to work with the great Anthony Quinn (Zeus). I learned so much from him and we stayed friends up til his passing. When the one hour series began, I had no idea how popular the show would become, although the cast and crew knew we had something special and it wasn’t long before we became the most watched TV show in the world! In season three Hercules gave birth to Xena and in season five yet another spin off came about with Young Hercules played by a 20 year old Ryan Gosling.

The writing was fun, had great fight scenes and wonderful drama. I always want to bring humor to whatever project I am doing, but the writers did such a great job, it made the character just happen.


Q: During filming of Hercules, you actually met your wife Sam on the show. Who played Hercules’ love interest – Serena. Can you recall your first encounter and how you knew she was the one?

A: When I met Sam it was at the director’s apartment to go over the script. I thought, WOW, and couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. The first day of working with her, I had to kiss her in the very first scene we were shooting. I asked her if we should practice the kiss and she laughed. I talked her into a date and we just hit it off right away. We got engaged after only 3 months and here we are 21 years later and 3 kids!


Q: Hercules: The Legendary Journey ran from 1995 to 1999, as well as having several films that preceded the show. Unfortunately the show was cancelled during its sixth season. Do you think enough time has passed, for this hero to get another TV reboot? If so, would you be interested in being apart of it?

A: The show actually ran from 1993-1999 and first run episodes ran into 2000. The movies were shot that first year and although they were not one-hour episodes, they were the only reason the series ever happened. Michael Hurst, Iolaus, and I knew by the third movie that this would have a good shot of becoming a TV series. Season six of the show was premature in its cancellation. The studio should have finished the whole season, but politics played a hand in that. They were upset I took a new series, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda to be shot in 2000. I was just ready to move on to a new character, but it would have been nice to finish the series on a better note. Too bad….I loved the show.

I was always surprised they never did a Hercules/Xena movie. Odd to me. As for a reboot….. I am sure one will come along. I will have to play Zeus now…..getting old. LOL.


Q: Due to the immense success of the show, Lucy Lawless got her own chance of a long running show with Xena: Warrior Princess. Not long after, Young Hercules debuted in 1998 with Ryan Gosling playing your character’s younger self. Did you have any input in that show, or did Ryan ever ask you for some advice on how best to approach the role?

A: I got to meet Ryan, before he was “Ryan”, when he guest starred on my show. He had amazing calm and confidence for a 20 year old. I am not at all surprised by his success. I said nothing to him, really. He did his own thing.



Q: From one mighty hero to another, is it true that you were once considered to play Superman in the TV show – Lois & Clark? Dublin Comic Con actually had Dean Cain over last year for the event. If you had gotten the part of his Superman instead, how would you have approached the role? What spin would you have put on the role of Clark Kent?

A: Dean and I did indeed get down to the last two actors fighting for the role of Superman. Dean deserved it. I got the role of Hercules just 3 months later. I give him a hard time, though. His show went 3 seasons and got cancelled. Mine went 7 seasons and became the most watched show in the world! Take that, Superman. All good fun. Dean is a great friend and good man.


Q: Having once lost out on the part of Superman, you have instead returned to the DC Universe, to play the part of Lar Gand in the Supergirl TV series. Starring alongside your on screen wife Teri Hatcher, who would have been your on screen romance in Lois & Clark. Did you ever think that you would get another chance to join the Superman franchise?

A: That came out of the blue. The studio wanted me for 7 episodes, but I was filming a movie at the time and couldn’t give them the 3 months they needed for my character, so they cut it down to 3 episodes and killed me off! Tragic!


Q: Coming from a long running show that was set in a fantasy version of ancient Greece, how was it working on the show Andromeda? Where instead of mythical monsters and Gods, you fought against alien races with futuristic weapons and starships. Which show did you prefer working on? As I assume everything for Andromeda was built on sets in doors, where Hercules very rarely was as it used some amazing landscapes in its backgrounds.

A: This is the reason I left Hercules. The chance to play the first captain created by Gene Roddenberry after Captain Kirk…Captain Dylan Hunt! I grew up watching the original series and have seen every episode at least 20 times. Huge fan, so when Majel Roddenberry came to me with the offer, I ran for it!

As for which one I liked better…..tough one, but Hercules gets the nod only because without it I wouldn’t have gotten Andromeda.


Q: Back in 2008, you starred in Meet The Spartans, perhaps one of the most successful films from its franchise. What was it like during filming on set? And what made you apply for the role of the Captain of Leonidas army.

A: I was approached by the directors for the role. I read the script and said I am in! I love this type of humor and we laughed every day on the set. So much left out of the movie that the fans would have loved. So ridiculous the humor and we had a blast hanging out shooting this movie.


Q: Now you will be attending Dublin Comic Con shortly as a guest. Have you attended many European conventions before or visited Ireland before? There are many fans eagerly waiting to meet you at this event. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

A: I have not been back for a Con in Europe for a while…at least 4 years. I am doing a number of them this year. Austria, Belgium and one in Bonn, Germany. A lot of travel this year. I will be flying to Dublin from Israel where I am filming a documentary and then I fly to Oxford just one week after I am done with the Con in Dublin. Lot of travel this year. I am an avid golfer and my only wish is that the weather would be warmer for me to play on your fabulous links courses. I have played all over Scotland and England. Ireland is next!

As for the fans, I look forward to meeting you all. Stop on by the Q and A session. I enjoy those a lot.


Q: Lastly, is there anything you are currently working on that you would like your fans to know about?

A: I have five movies coming out this year. Three of them I produced and one I directed, but acted in all of them. I have shot 61 movies since Andromeda finished, and I bet most fans don’t even know that. My last one is called Let There Be Light. Streaming on Amazon. I directed/acted, my wife, Sam, wrote/acted and my two boys are in it. Wonderful movie about life changes and hope and redemption are real! Check it out. Make some popcorn!!

Now readers, if you enjoyed this interview then stick around as more will be on the way! You can meet Kevin Sorbo at Dublin Comic Con, this coming March 9th and 10th at the Convention Centre in Dublin. So book your tickets early and make sure and buy a photoshoot with Hercules himself!


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