Kaku: Ancient Seal – Release Date Trailer

KAKU: Ancient Seal Breaks Free From Early Access – The Full Version Launches July 12th
The new and improved version offers brand-new character redesigns, epic boss fights and tons of other new content

17 JUNE 2024 – BINGOBELL is excited to share the July release date and a new trailer to go alongside it for KAKU: Ancient Seal, an open-world ARPG filled with puzzles, challenges and epic fights.

After a year of polishing, the Full Release version of KAKU: Ancient Seal will be launched on Steam on July 12th, starting at $24.99 with a two week-long discount price of $18.70. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are in development and coming at a later date (TBD).

Embark on an extended adventure: Following extensive rounds of internal and player beta testing, the full version now offers well beyond 30 hours of content.

Delve into a reimagined adventure with our redesigned protagonist, accompanied by new content including open-world gameplay, a dynamic runestone system, a transformation system, and the enigmatic Realm of Ruins. Additionally, meticulous sound effects, controls, UI, and performance optimisations have been implemented. Together, these enhancements offer a fresh experience that ensures even returning players will be amazed.

Be sure to read up on all the detailed changes & improvements below, but first, let’s break the seal on our Release Date Trailer!

​Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1179580/KAKU_Ancient_Seal ​

About the game
KAKU: Ancient Seal is an open-world ARPG game, filled with puzzles, tales and epic encounters. Embark on a thrilling adventure, play as Kaku, accompanied by Piggy, as you restore balance to the continent. Engage in dynamic combat and solve puzzles. Craft your own combat style, harness diviner power, explore diverse landscapes and unravel the mysteries of the Realm of Ruins.

Set in a primordial, era this world created by the elemental power of the Creator Saga, was one day hit by a calamity from another realm, causing the dispersion of the elemental souls, and the world split into four continents, while its creator went missing…

Millennia later, a young man named Kaku, living in the vast snowy mountains, along with Piggy, a flying pig, shoulders the task of finding the lost elemental souls under the guidance of a lost prophecy. They embark on an ancient and fantastical adventure to uncover the truth behind the calamity and the mystery of their origins.

What’s New & Improved?
1. Four expansive maps
Explore the diverse landscapes and terrains of the Flame Mountains, Dragonbone Desert, Misty Swamps, and Howling Snowfield. Each continent boasts its own unique features, from lush forests and towering volcanoes to sprawling plains and icy glaciers, ensuring a breathtaking journey filled with untold wonders.

2. Revamped combat mechanics – Three unique styles
Compared to the Early Access version’s combat system, the Full Release has removed less practical skills, optimized the fluidity of actions, combat pacing, and other details, and redesigned the UI of the skill tree. Additionally, almost all skills have added two enhanced branches, which players unlock by engaging in combat throughout the game.

The main-hand weapon, off-hand armblade, and ranged slingshot will have more unique skill styles, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, players can switch to another combat style at any time, and get all resources refunded. Try out all the elemental abilities that come with your divine powers!

3. Unlock Divine Powers
Embody the incarnation of Saga the Creator in epic battles, and unleash your mighty attacks that will stop your opponents in their tracks. ​ Reclaim the Blank Stele to unlock even more transfiguration techniques that give additional boosts and let loose with wide-range attacks which deal dazzling amounts of damage.

4. Epic Boss Battles
Venture into hidden corners of the continent to confront the leaders of the Elemental Temples. Face the relentless roaming lords of the wilderness who ruthlessly repel every intruder. In the lost outer realm, an ultimate darkness seeks to plunge the world into chaos. Commanding the power of all elements, this adversary stands as the most formidable challenge you will face.

5. Equipment & Rune Stones Create Infinite Possibilities
All equipment has been completely revamped, featuring more distinct attributes. New embeddable rune stones, which interact with each other, open up endless possibilities for customization. Obtain a wide array of equipment, accessories, and rune stones by defeating bosses and exploring maps. Freely combine and match them to master your unique combat style and push beyond your limits!

6. The New Realm of Ruins is waiting for you
Saga The Creator has unveiled the Realms of Ruins amidst all the chaos, featuring numerous underground ruins shaped by elemental powers. Inside, you’ll encounter diverse trials, including puzzles, timed challenges, mazes, and battles. The powers and treasures left behind by Saga await your discovery.

7. Dynamic Wilderness Gameplay
Dive into an open world brimming with interactive elements and fresh side quests. Hunt down the elusive claws scattered across the land, unearth hidden treasures beneath ghost-faced trees, and blast through obstacles with bomb flowers while dodging angry bee swarms. These new features add unexpected twists and turns to your epic journey.

Thank you to all players for your patience and support. We look forward to introducing the brand-new KAKU: Ancient Seal to you on July 12th!

For more updates, follow the game on Twitter or join the Discord!

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