Justice League: No Justice #4 Review

Written By: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Josh Williamson

Artist: Francis Manapul

Lettering by: Andworld Design

Colouring by: Hi-Fi

Cover Art: Francis Manapul

Published By: DC Comics




Justice League: No Justice #4 is a load of big, dumb fun that holds together as long as you don’t really think about it. At all. In the finale, all of the teams formed by Braniac to fight the Omega Titans converge back on Earth to save it from being consumed.

Now that it’s all said and done, it’s easy to see what worked well with this event as well as what did not. One of the main draws for this four part event was the unusual and unique team pairings, allowing for new character dynamics to develop. Starro the Conqueror being a member of the Justice league and making sarcastic quips in earlier issues is still the highlight of the entire event. These strengths are sadly buried under the absurd pacing of the silly plot. Why would a story that touts its unique team makeup only be four issues long? No Justice has over twenty characters in it, and that’s not even counting the entire Green Lantern Corp that shows up to make up the cavalry in this issue. With the plot moving at a pace that would make the Flash blush, there’s hardly any time to soak in these new dynamics amidst the flurry of action.


One wonders if this story moves so quickly to divert attention from how goofy the whole thing is. In a story that feels almost blatantly ripped from Marvel, Galactus, errr, the Omega Titans target Earth, where they planted cosmic tree seeds eons ago. It’s different from Galactus though because…there’s four Galactuses. As the story concludes, there’s no explanation for a whole slew of basic questions that start to pop into your head the moment you put the comic down. Why did Braniac only select twenty characters? If the heroes couldn’t remove their suits before, how did they get them off at the end of the story? Why on Earth did Amanda Waller think that a simple Nuke would save the world when even Superman was not enough to deal with the cosmic trees on his own?

The multitude of silliness in this event makes it clear that you’re not really supposed to think about it, you’re just supposed to get caught up in the mindless fun of watching a bunch of fan-favorite characters all mashed up and fighting giant space gods, which is fine. But this sort of shallow storytelling is best left to stories outside of canon like Elseworlds, not mainstream continuity, where writers will now have to try and clean up all the plot holes.


Although the story is a mess, Francis Manapaul’s art is great, giving the comic the cinematic feel it so desperately is trying to achieve. Unfortunately, the artwork also feels cramped at times as some pages try to fit five pages of action into one.

No Justice ends by setting up the new status quo for the DC universe. It’s a strange and mysterious place where anything can happen. While this idea is a good one in theory, just because anything can happen doesn’t always mean that it should.

Pros- Fun action, remxiing of fan favorite characters leads to some interesting exchanges.

Cons-The whole event feels rushed, plot holes everywhere. Silliness abounds.

Overall: 7/10


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