Justice League: No Justice #1 Review

Written By: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Josh Williamson

Artist: Francis Manapul

Lettering by: Andworld Design

Colouring by: Hi-Fi

Cover Art: Francis Manapul

Published By: DC Comics




Of all of DC’s flagship franchises, one was actually poorly served after DC’s Rebirth initiative- the Justice League. After an extended and celebrated run by Geoff Johns, the League was given to Bryan Hitch, a creator known more for his art that his writing. JL wasn’t bad, but it didn’t reach the heights of the Johns run. Almost two years later, No Justice is here almost like Justice League Rebirth, redefining the League and relaunching the team with DC’s top tier creators.


Brainiac has come to Earth once again, and the planet’s heroes are opposing the despot. But while the League itself is initially successful, other teams- the Teen Titans, Suicide Squad and the Titans- fall to his onslaught, until falling themselves. Sometime later, the League (joined by members of the other fallen teams as well as some of the universe’s worst villains) reawakens and finds themselves recruited by Brainiac to stop an unbelievable threat- the Omega Titans.

Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Josh Williamson’s story shines. They have taken the best things about the League, and given us a story that will make fans cheer. They not only create two distinct threats that work incredibly well- Brainiac and the Titans- but they also build the league in a way that gives the reader hope for what’s about to happen. The character dynamics are great as well, giving each member of the cast at least a solid moment, if not a focus.


Francis Manapul was born to draw the League. He’s able to quickly capture the epic scale of what’s happening, while capturing it with a flair that not a lot of creators today have. TO go with the character moments the writers have scripted, he’s able to capture the emotion behind it as well. Whether it’s a smirk from a character like Lobo, or the grandeur of the League’s big three, it looks absolutely fantastic.

This is a book any DC universe fan should be reading. Pick it up today!

Overall: 8.5 out of 10


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