Judge Dredd: A Better World Now Available for Pre-Order

“Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up after that one” – Comics Beat

“Taut, pointed and bizarre, like much of the best Dredd … Flint is a trippy-noir marvel” – Kieron Gillen

“An instant classic story … Judge Dredd remains one of the most relevant and incisive comics for our times” – Newsarama

It’s the story which shocked readers and changed the face of Mega-City One! Judge Dredd: A Better World is available now for pre-order in both standard edition paperback and webshop-exclusive hardback editions. Don’t miss out on your chance to own the critically acclaimed modern classic which left readers gasping!


A Better World is a modern Judge Dredd classic, a powerful story focusing on a large-scale experiment with the aim of making Mega-City One a better place for the citizens who live there, but if the experiment is successful them the power of the Judges could well be destroyed.

Writers Rob Williams and Arthur Wyatt, with artist Henry Flint, craft a taut political thriller that challenges readers to reassess what they think of the world of Judge Dredd. This collection also includes “Carry The Nine” and “The Pitch” with artist Boo Cook, “The Hard Way” with artist Jake Lynch, following Judge Maitland’s plan to ‘defund the judges’ and instead invest into social programs and education from its inception through to execution.


A ground-breaking, heart-breaking story of hope, fear, politics and pathos, ‘A Better World’ is the modern Judge Dredd classic you do NOT want to miss!

Judge Dredd: A Better World is available to pre-order either in paperback or webshop-exclusive hardback editions today! Head to the 2000 AD website for more information.

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