Johnny Bullet Begins Silent Comic Adventure

Johnny Bullet Begins Silent Comic Adventure

The adventures of Johnny Bullet, comics’ favourite street and drag racer continue in a new story set in 1969, and rendered as a silent chapter, in his weekly webcomic.

Following the explosive revelation about Johnny Bullet in strip #132, this week’s strip (#133), explores the hero’s life five years in the past at the height of his glory and in the middle of muscle car madness in America.

On the decision to tell this flashback as a silent comic, creator Hervé St-Louis says “Regular readers of Johnny Bullet already know that I have always been cheap with words, sometimes with just one per strip. Much of the action in the comic has always been visual. I am simply pushing things to their logical ends with this 22-page flashback. It is a challenge to tell such a story but I bet that readers will enjoy the ride.”

Cartoonist Larry Hama wrote the first silent comic in G.I. Joes #21. Since, silent comics have become a favourite of readers and for cartoonists, a way to express the essence of comic art.

Strip #133 of Johnny Bullet starts a new chapter in the life of the 1970s professional racing driver originally inspired by Steve McQueen and Frank Frazetta’s Johnny Comet. The silent story continues weekly at Johnny Bullet’s home at where Johnny Bullet chases beautiful women and outruns shady characters.

Johnny Bullet 3

St-Louis published the first instalment on November 2014 at, a comic news and review site. ComicBookBin publishes Johnny Bullet every Sunday as a free black and white retro web comic strip. Follow Johnny Bullet at and if you want to test your high school French at

Founded in 2002, animation studio Toon Doctor Inc. publishes the comic news and review site ComicBookBin. Johnny Bullet is Copyright © 2017 Hervé St-Louis. Johnny Bullet® is a registered trademark at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Toon Doctor® is a registered trademark at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.







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