Next week (December 5) sees the hotly-anticipated release of THE FOREVER WAR – a stunning graphic novel adaptation of the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel by Joe Haldeman! A must-have for all Sci-Fi fans!

Beautifully illustrated by legendary artist Marvano, and adapted for comics by Marvano and Gay Haldeman, THE FOREVER WAR (144pp, $19.99, ISBN: 9781785860898) is an epic Sci-Fi story of humanity, frailty, and the horror of war.

The legendary novel of extra-terrestrial war in an uncaring universe comes to comics, in a stunningly realized vision of Joe Haldeman’s Vietnam War parable!

The visionary Hugo and Nebula Award-winning SF tale by Joe Haldeman is beautifully realized in full color by the legendary artist Marvano.

An epic SF war story spanning relativistic space and time, The Forever War explores one soldier’s experience as he is caught up in the brutal machinery of a war against an unknown and unknowable alien foe that reaches across the stars.


Writer: Joe Haldeman
Artist: Marvano
Publisher: Titan Comics
144pp, $19.99, On sale: December 5
ISBN: 9781785860898