Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock #4 Review

Written By: Kaite Cook

Artist: Katie Cook

Colors: Joana Lafuente

Letters by: Mike Fiorentino

Cover by: Katie Cook

Published By: BOOM! Studios/Archaia


A heartwarming finale to this four part series, where each issue is by a different creator. This time around, Gobo goes on a mission to find all of the best things about Fraggle Rock so that he can convince his Uncle Traveling Matt to come by for a visit.

Riddled with humor and charming dialogue, this issue goes from silly to sappy, and I really liked every page. We get to see all of the characters that make this world so interesting. There is a lot of text at times, but it was a rapid read and the plot never felt like it was lagging. Gobo was never my favorite Fraggle, though I still loved him, but in this story, I was happy to follow him around. Especially because the artist, Katie Cook, depicted him so adorably.


The art is definitely cheeky, very fun and stylized. I like that all of the characters were immediately recognizable, but distinctly different from the originals, especially with their long, angled tails. I especially loved the two page spread of the wacky world that the Fraggles know and love, and the full page of Wembley “Wembleying out.” Most of the pages had a variety of layouts, so there was a very dynamic feel with this comic. The colors are bright and cheery, too, which only adds to the whimsy. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the different takes in this brief series; each was a splendid trip back to my childhood.


However, what seems to be common in this series, is the cover not matching the actual story. I’m not sure why, but although the covers all scream “Fraggles,” they don’t seem to work with the stories that are found within. For this issue, Boober is on the cover doing laundry, which never even happens in the book. The art is great…just not super fitting. Otherwise, this is a classic fancy and free Fraggle romp, sure to please any fan.

Overall: 8.5/10


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