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Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock #3 Review

Written By: Art Baltazar

Artist: Art Baltazar

Cover by: Art Baltazar

Published By: BOOM! Studios/Archaia




This peppy series of stand alone Fraggle stories are a lot of fun. In this third issue, Gobo is looking for something and Wembley and Boober attempt to help him out, even though they aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for. A bunch of amusing scenes coupled with the feel-good frolicking we are all so familiar with make these simple tales excellent escapes back to our childhood.

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Art Baltazar did the story and art for this episode. He has a quirky, animated style that lends itself quite well to the Fraggles. Where the last issue portrayed the characters with flat, beak-like snouts, Baltazar’s style paints most of the main guys, with the exception of Wembley, without any noses at all. I really like his thick outlines and flat colors, many of them texturized for added interest.

The text balloons are large and loud. All of the exclamation points give the impression that everyone is yelling all of the time, which is a bit off-putting to read, although since many of the more modern cartoons have characters that are perpetually yelling, maybe it is more in tune with today’s young audience. Still, it would have been nice to take a few short breaks from all of the super-enthusiasm, just so I could catch my breath as a reader.

Fraggle Rock_3_5

The book moves at a lightning-fast pace, zipping from here to there in a frantic search for the thing that binds universes! Join the Fraggles to find out what the amazing object is that Gobo wants to find. You’ll leave with a giggle in your gut after a few minutes of forgetting your everyday trials and tribulations.

Overall: 7/10


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